1. Chris Kingree's Avatar
    I was one of the fools to stand in line for 12 hours before the launch, I got first in line but I am now still without a working iPhone. Has anyone else had the problem of not getting an activation within the supposed "24 hours" ? Right now im going on about 44 hours now and AT&T is saying that there are thousands more just like me...Has anyone else found a way for them to push the activation or has anyone gotten any headway on the apple side of support?
    07-01-2007 02:59 PM
  2. bruckwine's Avatar
    Damn...seriously? Others have gotten through in 3 minutes I hear. Maybe they should've kept the activation done in stores like regular phones as it may be the iTunes that is conflicting (always hated that prog, just like WMP they are both buggy)...
    07-01-2007 03:29 PM
  3. MacUser's Avatar
    Did you call AT&T customer service? Go to your local AT&T store and speak to someone?
    07-01-2007 03:45 PM
  4. Chris Kingree's Avatar
    Did you call AT&T customer service? Go to your local AT&T store and speak to someone?
    Yea, I've placed about a call every 2 hours to AT&T and got through to apple, but apple is worse then AT&T. One blames it on the other, but according to apple "its like fitting a brick through a small pipe. Some people will get through with no problem, but others are dealing with AT&T's servers that can't handle the volume." So the only thing they said i can do is wait. Everytime I call i get a different answer on the delay time. It was first 24 hours, and now its 48. so 48 will be in about 2 hours so we'll see if they are right. Apple was probly worse to talk to then AT&T though. The supervisor from apple i talked to didn't even know what an IMEI was. So now i have to rely on what AT&T says...yay
    07-01-2007 05:10 PM
  5. Kupe#WP's Avatar
    More information regarding the activation problems at this CNET link. It seems a third company, Synchronoss, is responsible for the activation bottleneck, but when CNET finally made contact with someone at Synchronoss...
    Update: We've heard back from Synchronoss. They're "extremely pleased" with the way activation went over the weekend.
    TRANSLATION: They have no idea how it went.
    07-02-2007 04:44 AM
  6. Chris Kingree's Avatar
    thanks for the support guys, It finally activated at 7:30am today...woohoo!
    07-02-2007 08:54 AM