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    "for you guys" you mean, you....the actual owners don't seem to care (or know what it means)

    your 700wx? it should be solid, brick solid.
    I don't understand your first statement. Are you talking about the iphone owners in regards to A2DP and MMS? or my MR comment?

    You are correct in one regard. My 700wx is a brick. I also think its 240x240 dim screen is also a negative.

    But it does have 3rd party support. When Sprint's 700wx bluetooth lacked A2DP, a 3rd party individual was able to get it patched (thanks Hannip ) Same with MMS & threaded chat.
    06-30-2007 10:27 AM
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    Visual Voicemail problem

    I can't seam to figure out how to get the visual voicemaill screen up any body been able to do it.

    I did have the wifi conect problem that people where having secure networks.
    tap phone and then the icon all the way to the right on the bottom
    when i do that it calls my voicemail does not give me the visual voicemail screen
    06-30-2007 10:28 AM
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    Just another guy who (probably) doesn't like the iPhone. From the website:
    iFixit did exactly what we want to see, an iPhone take apart. This concludes the MAKE iPhone coverage, thank you
    06-30-2007 10:43 AM
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    Best post ever..bwahaha

    All these activation problems are all apples fault. Since they wanted to have everything done to a 't' this is why everyone is getting so mad. If apple would have allowed ATT to activate the phones in store there would be less problems. Granted there would be problems as there always are, but they would be more isolated then the ones created by itunes activation. Thanks apple for giving ATT a bad name.
    06-30-2007 10:52 AM
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    Here is one good thing About the iPhone..You got to love the screen

    Maybe Apple wont waste many years making what many want in this thread to happen like Palm has did .Im not posting as The iphone fan boy or the Palm smear campaign .Hats off to apple for giving the rest a jump start to the future.
    06-30-2007 11:30 AM
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    i'm sure i'll post this here and there but i went out and fetched an 8gb iPhone. will be back with my own thoughts.
    06-30-2007 11:53 AM
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    What about wireless stereo headphones?

    Since this iPhone is supposed to replace my iPod, I was looking forward to the chance to upgrade to wireless stereo headphones, since I knew the phone would have Bluetooth.

    Unfortunately, I can't find any information on wireless headphones - it seems that the Bluetooth only works for one-ear headsets. I'm assuming this means the iPhone doesn't have "A2DP" support?

    Is this correct, or am I just missing something?

    06-30-2007 01:45 PM
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    Yes that is a crash, safari on my iPhone crashed last night and I had to "hard-reboot" the device... this morning it asked me to submit the error log that contained 2 files that had detailed information about Safari... "code"
    it dose that with everyone

    I had a hard lockup last night. It froze in the middle of loading an email with picture attachments and I had to reboot it. When I synced the next time it sent a crash report to Apple. Other than that things have been great.

    06-30-2007 01:48 PM
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    Originally Posted by guesswhatman
    Bottom line, is the iphone worth the $$?
    That's a great question. I have been a hard core phone enthusiast for some time now and have many unlocked phones of different brands. I also have lots of experience with smart phones. Treos, Moto-Q, Noki, HTC, etc. so my only point is that the amount of experience I have serves me well when evaluating the iPhone here is my experience with mine:

    I really like Apple products, and use my MacBook Pro daily for work, and as my only computer as I travel a lot for work.

    It's a tough call, as it's such a personal choice and completely dependent on what you use a mobile phone for. As a phone, it's mediocre at best. For email the keyboard is miserable, for the net it's way to slow for lack of 3G. On WiFi it's better. Perhaps it's just that I've had a lot of experience with phones and this one is just not there yet.

    06-30-2007 02:06 PM
  10. surur's Avatar
    oh yeah also one problem im having...yahoo mail is not being pushed...it works one out of 10 times about...anyone able to successfully get yahoo email instantaneously...please help...thanks.

    06-30-2007 02:25 PM
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    THis ADC member seemed to have more than 10..a few are impractical (scanning??) but some are points brought up before and some are new to me

    One ringtone surprising so no way to know who's calling except to look? Camera has no flash or zoom 9well Podge did say you need good light) - think the worst thing is Apple could've made so many ppl happy by having at least TWO buttons (one for home the other for the bloody PHONE) rather than 6 taps/swishes. No disk mode sucks as I regularly use mt treo for this via the SD card (when i forget my USB drive) - it's the beauty of 3rd party apps. NOTHING when released is good enough for everyone and that's why you can customise to your heart's content. I really hope one day they open it up (Web apps is crap):

    iPhone Problems

    -AT&T’s EDGE cellular network: "excruciatingly slow"
    -Making calls can be a 6 step process if phone is off.
    -halfway decent internal speakers for listening if you set the thing down
    -iPod games are not compatible with iPhone?
    -No way to copy/paste text, are you kidding?
    -Voice call quality good, but not great
    -Can't record video, are you kidding?
    -Songs can't be set as ringtones? I think this issue will change in iTunes 7.3 though
    -can’t download songs or movies from itunes directly from phone?? c'mon
    -memory is not expandable, No SD card slot
    -no GPS, but close
    -no SmartTyping for looking up contacts??? c'mon
    -No Microsoft Office, no “Significant” 3rd party apps
    -Isn’t the speaker & mic on BOTTOM of phone pretty useless when in dock? Don't know
    -iPhone’s web should run on AT&T’s fastest web technology, NOT EDGE
    -“true” world phone? maybe...
    -No black dock
    -8GB is an amazing accomplishment for a phone, but a huge downfall in “iPod world” when iPods are up to 80GB now
    -"runs on Mac OS X" is a pretty much a lie, can’t open OSX apps, can't store/save files or edit
    -no iChat, which means no instant messaging, just text messaging
    -no wireless sync
    -no way to have a backup battery or two; Apple would actually make more money if they sold batteries
    -Speakerphone / Vibrate are weak
    -No voice memos, voice dialing or call recording
    -Lacks video output to a TV
    -No disk mode
    -Can only use one of 25 preset ringtones????
    -iPhone can't be used as a wireless modem for your laptop
    -Keyboard hardly rotates when you want it to
    -lyrics for ipod
    -camera has no flash, zoom or self-portrait mirror
    -Notes from iPhone doesn’t sync/show up on computer
    -Safari does not support Java, Adobe Flash, stored passwords, RSS, streaming audio or video (except for some QuickTime videos) -- almost defeats purpose of “real internet in your pocket”
    -no engraving on back like iPods offered
    Mail landscape view doesn’t work
    No Mark as Read feature
    Can’t send media through SMS text
    Can’t send same text to multiple people
    Can’t scan (wouldn’t that be cool?)
    Date doesn’t show
    Calendar should work a lot more like iCal (event categories missing, landscape view missing)
    Calendar not syncing correctly with iCal
    Can’t custom resize video or zoom in
    Keyboard doesn’t rotate
    Notes doesn’t rotate

    If Apple thinks that they can intentionally leave “key” features out of the iPhone just to make us think that the iPhone2 is a “significant update”, then Apple isn’t the company I thought it was. Make your phone the “best” it can possibly be for the time it comes out. Don’t leave out “standard” smartphone technology that will make people think twice about trashing their Treo or Blackberry. Adding true GPS or upgrading the internal memory is a different story, but things like the inability to copy and paste, the inability to record video, and the inability to use voice dialing should definitely not be issues with iPhone’s release, especially due to the fact that Apple had more than six months to test the thing. I really hope Apple fixes a lot of these “flaws” immediately or else iPhone won’t be as successful and as respected as it could have been.

    Just trying to help. Please forward this to the appropriate department.

    Thank You

    Brian Judah
    Proud ADC Member
    06-30-2007 02:35 PM
  12. surur's Avatar
    About web-based iChat
    this app works great on a comp but sucks It the iPhone. I
    sure he's fixing it now

    06-30-2007 02:37 PM
  13. surur's Avatar
    LOL @ “Safari crashes are handled gracefully”.. as if it’s an assumed part of the functionality of Safari that it regularly crashes.

    06-30-2007 02:44 PM
  14. surur's Avatar
    Its an iPod and its a phone...
    I hate to say it but I'm laughing when reading all these threads
    of negativity....I could have saved alot of people time and money if they
    would have just listened.....I cant honestly say what type of person this device is set up for, but its not for the buisness person or doctor type. Your not going to be able to track patients or have that robust pc type experience its just not there yet. However if you want an iPod, phone, check BASIC inernet on the go, BASIC email, and faster text messaging than my Razor then this phone is for you.

    By the way I typed this on my iphone and when doing sp the fill in feature came on most of the time, but not all. Im I mad and going to bash apple, ugggh no....its a gadget and working above my expectations of WHAT I knew it was going to be..... I LOVE THIS DEVICE!

    Expectations lowered much?

    06-30-2007 03:01 PM
  15. bloodycape77's Avatar
    At least 1/2 of those things aren't on any phone. Junk email filters doesn't come on WM or POS (not out of the box at least,) Videoconferencing, GPS (most AT&T phones don't,) adapter for headphones (hello TREO! and AT&T 8525 both require adapters for headphones,) and security with passwords??? Whatever.
    But I agree with all of the email and attachment BS. Cut/paste is a glaring oversight (deal breaker for me,) and I really do agree with the navigation blunders. I had a hard time navigating, many things are non-intuitive and unless you know the magic swipe, tap, etc, you have no idea how to do certain functions.
    But some of the things on that list slamming the iphone can be applied to almost all phones.
    See the thing there is the Treo is a 2.5mm jack the 8525 is a proprietary port, while the iphone has a 3.5mm jack like most devices. The issue there is Apple recessed the port so most headphones will not work. BTW how do you reset the device?
    06-30-2007 04:05 PM
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    I want to crush my iphone

    I don’t know what the issue is and AT&T or Apple won’t let me know. But I am now in hour 22 of no phone service. I was out of the store and at my house by 6:20 pm eastern time. I registered my phone and upgraded my phone with AT&T. I received a message that I would receive an email to finalize activation. By 6:45 my old phone was shut off and so was my voicemail. I still can not do anything with my iphone except crush it or use it as a paper weight. Is anyone else having these problems? I know a lot of people got this phone, but as the first time zone that got it and done by 6:30 I know I had to be done before people in cali. I have called and get the same responce " we dont know be patient"

    06-30-2007 04:52 PM
  17. surur's Avatar
    Another Bad Apple?

    I have to send mine in to be fixed or replaced because the speaker is so low I could not even hear my music. The volume was all the way up. I tried to do the resets and the resore on iTunes and it froze up my iPhone so it is stuck in the restore mode and iTunes can not even read it now. They did offer me a loaner phone for only $34 while mine is getting fixed. I took the sim card out of my iPhone and put in my Blackjack and saved that $34. Hope nobody else is having this issue.

    Maybe VolumeCare would have helped.

    06-30-2007 04:55 PM
  18. surur's Avatar
    Some people are not doing their homework.

    Saving Picture Attachments


    Is there a way to save a photo received in an e-mail to the iPhone?


    i just sent me a pic via email and i cant figure out hot to save it to my desktop and help?


    Not sure, but do you know how to send a photo to someone through a text? I hope you can do this....Almost every other phone can.


    Originally Posted by Lheaxhuns
    Not sure, but do you know how to send a photo to someone through a text? I hope you can do this....Almost every other phone can.
    I think someone said you send it as an e-mail to their PHONE NUMBER @ carriername domain (whatever it is) and it should show up for them as a text.


    Originally Posted by insocal
    I think someone said you send it as an e-mail to their PHONE NUMBER @ carriername domain (whatever it is) and it should show up for them as a text.
    u gotta be sh$$ten me, i hope its easyer then that bro

    06-30-2007 05:55 PM
  19. HobbesIsReal's Avatar
    The biggest drawback to the iPhone is you get what comes out of the box. I am totally dependent on 3rd party apps. Since I am not trusted to install my own apps, I don't trust the phone to do what I need it to.
    06-30-2007 06:12 PM
  20. Pearl_Diva's Avatar
    This is why people here are pretty much sure the iPhone is really for consumers more than savvy business users. Most use what's out of the box on most phones anyway. But I really wish it had IM, I still don't get that one. Many people use that!
    06-30-2007 06:49 PM
  21. Pearl_Diva's Avatar
    It's easy for anyone to comb through forums and only relay the negative information.

    I'm pretty sure this phone will smash the market share. It's just incredible. I've used the 600/650/700wx/6700/Q/8703e/Mogul and this iPhone completely owns them all. I realize it's hard to like an Apple product, but as a MSFT-mostly guy, I'm astonished.

    Whatever your knee-jerk opinion is of the iPhone, at least test drive the thing before plastering nonsense on the internet.
    iPhone's design owns, but my Blackjack and BB are still more useful at this point. iPhone for me=after hours or weekend phone for the most part. It also won't smash market share with it's price and ATT restrictions just yet.
    06-30-2007 07:02 PM
  22. Pearl_Diva's Avatar
    i'm sure i'll post this here and there but i went out and fetched an 8gb iPhone. will be back with my own thoughts.
    I'll be waiting for YOUR review! :thumbsup:
    06-30-2007 07:19 PM
  23. surur's Avatar
    Quality issues?

    Proud owner of iDeadPixel (iPhone)

    So I have this big bright red dead pixel right in the middle of my iPhones screen... I am going to exchange it for another one today.

    Has anybody else experienced this issue?

    So I have this big bright red dead pixel right in the middle of my iPhones screen... I am going to exchange it for another one today.

    Has anybody else experienced this issue?
    While I was fortunate to not have any dead pixles on mine, I have two friends who each bought iPhones and each of theirs has dead pixels (1 and 2, respectively).

    It's a Rev A product. The upside is that we are the first in the world to enjoy these lovely products. The downside is that we are essentially lab rats for future revisions which should clean up a lot of the problems we'll undoubtedly discover on the iPhone as the weeks and months pass by.

    I'm guessing in 2008 we'll have 64gb or 80gb Rev B models, and the current 8gb model will either be done away with or price will be reduced a few hundred dollars.

    06-30-2007 07:59 PM
  24. Pearl_Diva's Avatar
    Maybe I'll wait and see what they do for the last half of 2007. They'll manufacture more, and also offer a firmware upgrade. I hope.
    06-30-2007 08:10 PM
  25. mikec#IM's Avatar
    Two words: soft launch.

    That is what Apple should have done.

    Even I am surprised at the number of problems. Points to poor testing and rushed product.

    Even the Treos, which had/have their issues (and people beat Palm mercilessly for them) did not seem to have this level of varied issued.

    Underpromise and overdeliver. First rule of business.

    And the sad thing...a lot of these issues will not be firmware fixable.
    06-30-2007 08:12 PM
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