1. dirtysouth's Avatar
    Of all the voiced criticism of the new iPhone I think my biggest gripe is no .mac Push email however touting Yahoo Push email. I have paid for .mac services for many years and consequently my .mac email is my primary personal email account. Can someone shed some light on this?


    06-29-2007 06:38 PM
  2. bruckwine's Avatar
    .mac is dead....
    06-29-2007 07:45 PM
  3. dirtysouth's Avatar
    wow...how enlightening...:thumbsdn:
    06-29-2007 09:30 PM
  4. Pearl_Diva's Avatar
    No it's not. Even I had a .mac account on Windows, LOL!
    06-29-2007 10:43 PM
  5. Hellenek's Avatar
    IIRC SJ said Apple has realised that .mac needs some work and they're planning to revamp it. Cannot remember the link...
    06-29-2007 10:45 PM
  6. Pearl_Diva's Avatar
    Oh you mean they took it down? Or is it still up and they'll just revamp within a few months with no service interruption? I was going to renew my account.
    06-29-2007 11:00 PM
  7. Hellenek's Avatar
    No they haven't taken it down. Here's the mention at the last D5 (http://d5.allthingsd.com/20070531/d5...bs-transcript/)

    "Walt: You obviously have a very large Internet business with iTunes and you sell a lot of stuff in the Apple Store, but, you know, you were early with this idea that when you bought a computer from Apple, you had this kind of Internet service back end, and it was called “.Mac”. And I think a lot of people feel you haven’t developed it very much.

    Steve: I couldn’t agree with you more, and we’ll make up for lost time in the near future."
    06-30-2007 12:44 AM