1. workinonit's Avatar
    29th June 2007 15:36 GMT
    A new 3G (European) version of the iPhone will be launched Monday in the UK by Apple - in a joint promotion with Vodafone, T-Mobile of Germany, and Carphone Warehouse. It should answer the disappointment with the US version of the iPhone which has been widely slammed for its poor performance as a phone.
    From a piece appearing today on TheRegister
    06-29-2007 12:37 PM
  2. mikec#IM's Avatar
    29th June 2007 15:36 GMT

    From a piece appearing today on TheRegister
    If true, it's nice to see 3G.
    06-29-2007 01:00 PM
  3. marcol's Avatar
    Well it might be true, but only if Apple is a company that has no idea about marketing. Anyone think that's the case? I could see a carrier announcement, but announcing 3G three days after the US launch? Nah. As Gizmodo said, this is 'bollocks'
    06-29-2007 01:34 PM
  4. dstrauss#IM's Avatar
    It better be bollocks...if they release a Euro 3G phone (or even announce) this close to Jobs' lame "you really don't need 3G; EDGE is good enough and doesn't drain the battery, blah blah blah" even his zealots will host him on his own petard.
    06-29-2007 01:37 PM
  5. bruckwine's Avatar
    AS I said befoe I reckon it will happen..but not for another six months! If it's one thign Apple knows it's marketing...by Dec 2007 all the ppl who would buy an iphone will have one. then they can spring a 3G version in Europe AND the states...and 1 things will happen

    1. Europe will get tehre 3G - sell out?!
    2. US will WANT that 3g...sellouts on eBay!

    I hope they put some off the other things discussed in the media in by v2 ...i figure the battery and the no-keys won't change..but it WOULD be nice to at least have a dedicated phone button beside that home one don't you think?
    06-29-2007 02:39 PM