1. surur's Avatar
    Who knew AT&T would come out with the iPhone killer?
    No way. The Kaiser is only for people who know what they are doing, and we know they are far in the minority.

    06-28-2007 07:16 PM
  2. Malatesta's Avatar
    ahhh...I wish the Sprint Mogul was the Kaiser. Then they might have had me.
    06-28-2007 07:20 PM
  3. Scott R's Avatar
    The Kaiser doesn't do a whole lot for me.

    Tilting screen? Is that really necessary? I'm not going to sit this thing on a desk and poke at the keys like a full-size keyboard. I'm going to hold it in my hands to type, which means that I can tilt the whole thing manually.

    3MP camera? I'm not impressed by megapixels. Does it offer noticeably better real-world PQ than other phones? I have no interest in printing photos, but I want a phone with a camera that can take decent photos worth keeping. Unfortunately, there aren't very many phones that fit that bill.

    GPS? I like the idea but I wonder how well it would work in my most common GPS-usage scenario: while driving. I don't want to put the phone up near my windshield (where it's harder to reach getting hit with direct sunlight), but if I put it lower (near my stereo), I'd be worried that the GPS chip might have too hard a time picking up a strong signal. If it has an external GPS antenna connector, that would be great, and I'd probably make use of that when in the car. Overall, I do like the idea of having a GPS built-in because it's one less thing to charge/carry, and it could be useful in some scenarios unrelated to door-to-door driving directions (e.g., logging where a photo was taken, getting directions on-foot, etc.).

    But it seems like that's it for improvements, and other than the GPS, that seems kind of weak. Any idea why we're not seeing more 640x480 WM devices? The first one came out a long while back and the cost of the screens must surely be a lot more affordable now.

    FWIW, sanity has prevailed and I've decided against buying an iPhone tomorrow. My brother is an Apple fanboy and will likely be buying one tomorrow. So my new gameplan is to play with his and see how much I like it. Chance are, though, that I'll end up buying a Sprint Mogul instead, because I really want something that I can develop apps for (and hopefully sell and make lots of money), which is something I wouldn't be able to do with the iPhone.
    06-28-2007 08:26 PM
  4. Interstink's Avatar
    Not sure if this was posted, but this wont work according to ATT. Seems your iphone also stores itunes account info and other information. I guess if you dont plan on syncing it to itunes you are ok...

    Im just getting an iphone, adding to a family plan for $20.00 a month. nahhh, im keeping my treo... Ill play with your iPhone.
    06-28-2007 09:05 PM
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