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    Not sure how Apple gets praise for pushing thier own solution for their device. Sure it makes business sense to have the content.

    As for "single-handedly upping the quality" - that only applies to iPhones, not the rest of the devices that use YouTube. If Apple has suddenly gotten YouTube to switch to H.264 for everything, and I could see it on my PC, then I might give a little golf clap.

    H.264 was created by Apple...um I thought it was the MPEG-4 consortium. Thanks for dismissing all the others that contributed to the built-upon work.

    And thanks to Apple, they don't even do true AVC, but their own version. That's why Nero AVC and Quicktime are not fully compatible (you need to custom create the container to play in Quicktime - lame).

    I love h.264 - I just wish it was a standard-standard, like mp3, as opposed to mp4, which seems to be a standard-proprietary.

    As for using less processor, you are dead wrong. (again, you don't understand the issue of efficiency of the codec and the processing cycles needed to interpret.

    (shades of the SDK/API/OS discussion...)

    H.264 is very efficient for size and quality. It great...but it takes more time to encode because of it's complexity...and it takes more processor time to decode (play) than other formats. (Again, as processors get more powerful, this issue will be lessened, but it still exists today).

    Ever try playing those HD trailers on Apple? The high-end ones choke even the most power laptops (maybe okay on desktop). They use a lot of cycles.

    You get 7 hours (which I think remains to be proven in the real world) becuase of 1.) the battery, and 2.) the bitrate/quality of the encoding.

    Apple is a HARDWARE company (just like Sun), and everything in thier financials shows it to be such. The iPhone proves it more than ever! They aren't selling iPhone OSX to other vendors...nor are they selling AppleTV OSX to other vendors.

    This is not to say a hardware company is a bad thing, it's just calling a spade a spade.

    As for number of posts, no doubt the iPhone has the hype buzz going...just like the Treo 600 and 650 did, although on a much grander scale.

    It's fun to see the excitement.
    Spot on..

    A software company doesn't sell its software tied in to its hardware..only hardware-oriented companies do that. Microsoft is a software company. Apple is a hardware one that realised it could make that hardware more attractive by using software. It's why it still has only 5% of the market...ppl who can't afford brand names (whether HP, Dellor AApple) can always take a generic and put any software but AApple's on it (Linux, Windows, O/S etc). If you can't afford Apple hardware you do not get their software.

    As to number of posts on the iphone forum it was like that with the 680 too..ppl were wetting their pants on when the Fedex guy would turn up...this happens with ALL new anticipated devices esp a week or two before release

    And with respect to codecs right again - codecs are useful for how small they COmpress ratherr than how quickly the DECompress. H.264 9which as stated Apple didn't "invent") is great for storage and sharing (real purpose of codecs) but it is intensive to decode. Personally I still love xvid!
    06-26-2007 10:35 AM
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    iTunes requires QuickTime.
    WHy is what I want to know! Why does something that started out mainly for music require quicktime? Maybe because they added video to it for podcasts and their store 9which i ahte - keeps usgessting purchases to me when i just want to use my own stuff)?

    Fine..but then why have quicktime at all?? why not just have one app (iTunes) and cll it iMedia and let it do both as it cn do now?? Never liked it and I use winamp, quictime lite and mediaplayer classic...

    I just tolerate it on macs cuz it's built in...but I hate it just like I hate WMP on Windows! Bloatware.
    06-26-2007 10:44 AM
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    Safari - So small, yet so full of holes.


    Yeah, not like that IE!
    06-26-2007 12:33 PM
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    Yeah, not like that IE!
    Its certainly not small...

    06-26-2007 12:34 PM
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    I don't want an iPhone that bad. It's no secret, I want an iPhone, but Cingular and Apple are milking this hype. You must sign up for 2-year contract with no discount on the phone. If you are a business user, you lose all your FAN account privileges. That's a bitter, bitter, bitter pill. Can't do it.
    So basically you prove to them you are not a business by buying a consumer phone?

    06-27-2007 01:31 PM
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