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    No, Apple thinks they do everything best; they wouldn't allow another email program.

    I understand that, but it doesn't make me any happier to read it

    I had this hope that I'd have Chatter on my iphone someday... that would be sweet, sweet bliss!

    I'm a Mac user that uses Entourage over Mail because it handles the way I have email set up better (and it's entirely due to my desire to use Chatter and IMAP with my Treo even though both my work and personal email accounts are POP )

    Apple doesn't have the best piece of software out there for everyone to use for everything. They are very good at getting things 90% there and great for almost all of their target audience though. And they make things very pretty

    But this user was hoping that it would be popular enough to make it worth you dealing with Apple and their hoops/control to bring Chatter to that phone...

    You know, considering that Palm is doomed now and all
    02-13-2007 01:31 PM
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