1. PSB22's Avatar
    Well, I know where I'm investing my money - in screen protector stocks.

    Given the Kerfuffle (sp?) over how badly the ipod nano and video got scratched up, I would give it until about a week after the launch before the first complaints start rolling in about the screen of this thing getting all scratched up...

    After all - this is not being marketed to business types who see a $10 investment in a pack of screen shields as a good way to protect a $500 device. it is being sold to teenagers short on pocket-money who will not bother to protect it and then complain when the screen is all scratched up from over use.
    01-10-2007 07:46 AM
  2. Pearl_Diva's Avatar
    If they can afford $500 and a Cingular contract, that's not short on money. That would have to be some spoiled teenagers though, because I would never give that phone to a kid!!
    01-10-2007 08:06 AM