1. Jeff DLB's Avatar
    As a long-time Palm user, my Treo 650 is a PDA first, then web browser, email client, phone and SMS client. I am already on Cingular and would switch to iPhone if the necessary applications were available. Can anybody fill in the blanks in the chart below?

    ____Treo____ ____iPhone____
    Palm Calendar = Apple iCal
    Palm Contacts = Apple Address Book
    Palm Memos = Apple Notes
    Palm Blazer = Apple Safari
    Google Maps = Google Maps
    Palm VersaMail = Apple Mail
    Splashdata SplashID = ? (encrypted password database)
    DataViz SmartList To Go = ? (database program)
    Palm eReader = ?
    Pocket Quicken = ?

    I'm sure others could add must-have apps to such a list.

    The related issue, of course, is how easy it will be to migrate data to the iPhone. Fortunately, I recently got a Mac at work, so some of my information syncs with the Apple apps, but synchronization is flaky even with third-party Missing Sync software.
    01-10-2007 06:36 AM
  2. jazzkids's Avatar
    Yeah good question. I just bought pocket Quicken too!
    01-10-2007 07:38 AM
  3. jazzkids's Avatar
    Honestly, I think the widgets are a smart idea. It might evn be possible for more novice programmers to make a widget for themselves.

    I question though... will widget still be free or will they charge for them on the iphone?
    01-10-2007 07:40 AM