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    What is it that you think Mossberg does that users on this board don't?

    He is nothing but a writer coupled with his opinion. You think his uses put a device through its paces better than any of us?

    bah! mossberg is weak
    Mossberg is the tech writer for the wall street jounal.

    I say he has a little more influence than anybody writing here.
    01-10-2007 09:18 AM
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    You can go ahead and tell that to the guys who write the checks and see how far it gets you. I'm guessing they won't make the payments on your A8 either, even though you drive it to work...
    I'm not sure I understand the appeal of this logic: "If the company, in all its Flat Earth wisdom, won't pay for it, I won't have it in my life!"

    To me a car and a PDA phone are very similar: they're both devices I use all day long for a lot of different aspects of my life. If if one version is much better designed, better built, and better at what it does, I want that one, and for good reason: I use it all day long. Having a bad tool makes me frown. Having a great tool makes me smile. I likes to smile.

    To me the object of life is not avoiding ever letting anything escape from my wallet into the sunshine. It's having a great life. Using good gear is part of that.

    I use a Mac in my business life, too. Is it a hassle? Not at all. Was it difficult to make the transition? No, because they've organized the whole company around making things intuitive and easy (see iPod, OSX). Has one ever crashed on me in the five years I've been doing it? Not once. Do I get quick, intelligent phone support for it on the rare occasions when I need it? Yup. Do I pay a little extra for all these privileges? Gladly. And though this is impossible to quantify, I'm sure I make it back ten times over -- in life enjoyment, in not spending time pulling out my hair over bad software and mysterious malfunctions, in not spending countless hours on tech support calls.

    All these are the same conversation to me. I'm happy to exchange a little money for a better tool, every time. iPhone costs a little more but has a much bigger screen, a user interface and functionality that is a quantum leap beyond that of my (beloved, I remind you!) Treo, full page web browsing instead of the virtually useless WAP, free push email, vastly longer battery life, etc. etc. etc.? Sold, to the man with the smile on his face.
    01-10-2007 10:03 AM
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