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    is this a known error in these phones? i recently had a 3gs (ios 6, but didn't know the baseband)and it worked flawlessly. now i just bought another 3gs (bb 05.16.07) and i get erratic compass or gps activity.

    what i use the phone for is basically a gps unit, since i have navigon installed on it, and use it without a data card, or wifi. i had no problems doing this with the other phone, as well as another iphone 4 i have.

    i looked up the problem last night, and tried a few fixes, but none of them seem to work. one was to reset the network, another was to turn off autolock, or something like that. the phone was just factory reset on sunday too. i'm wondering if a past bb change (to the dreaded ipad 06.15.00) is the culprit.

    any suggestions?
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    wow...crickets? lol
    01-24-2013 01:32 AM

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