1. Chuddy's Avatar
    I got a new Dutch SIM last night, but it won't work with my unlocked iPhone 3G.
    It simply says 'No signal' in the top left corner.

    I've tried 3 things.
    A restore. It didn't make a difference and I get a message telling me the SIM is invalid when I connect it to iTunes. And the message in the top left switches from 'No signal' to 'Invalid SIM'
    A reset. Settings/General/Reset. No difference.
    Varitaions on switching Flight Mode on/off.

    The SIM works and the iPhone is unlocked.
    The SIM works because I tried it with an old donkey of a Nokia I have and I could make calls.
    The iPhone is unlocked because I'm able to use it with my Irish Prepaid SIM, which is not the original SIM.

    Any ideas?
    These are the only 3 things I can find so far
    02-10-2012 02:15 AM