1. DZD's Avatar
    My wife's 3GS has been experiencing poorer than usual reception - I took it to the apple store and they mentioned that it should have all bars because they boost their signal in the stores but it doesn't. They offered to take it to the back and reseat everything to see if it would fix it and it didn't.

    We're not due for an upgrade (on AT&T) for a few months.

    Has anyone encountered this and been able to fix it?

    They did offer to repair it for $99 or $199 (I don't recall); I was hoping to fix it for no charge.

    01-30-2012 08:35 PM
  2. dhack21's Avatar
    I have been having similar issues with my 3GS with wifi, I can be in the same room as my router and only get 1 bar of service. While not exactly pertaining to your cellular signal I did not have this issue until I upgraded to iOS5. Reading elsewhere the wifi and 3G use the same antenna if i recall correctly and have seen the part listed on ebay. I'm not sure how hard the repair is though.
    02-02-2012 06:01 PM