1. emilyg172's Avatar
    I got a new laptop and need to restore my music but iTunes wants to erase and sync my iphone. How can I transfer my songs back into iTunes without any risk of losing them. I don't have another copy.
    12-02-2011 09:59 AM
  2. E_Brown's Avatar
    You can only sync you iPhone to 1 computer, so you will have to copy your files from your old itunes to your new itunes, and then sync your phone to that computer.
    12-02-2011 10:03 AM
  3. ThisOnceWasParadise's Avatar
    Do you still have your old laptop/PC?

    If you do, just copy the music files to an external drive, copy them from the drive to the new laptop, and add the files to iTunes.

    If you don't, I don't know what to tell ya...
    12-03-2011 12:18 PM
  4. Alli's Avatar
    If you don't have the old computer, take a look at CopyTrans.
    12-03-2011 04:08 PM
  5. sarham's Avatar
    hi emilyg, are you using a mac or a PC?? If you have a mac, you should try iRip. You can find it at The Little App Factory.

    If you have a pc, I recommend GizmoRip. you can download it at GizmoRip - Restore music from your iPod, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch back to iTunes.
    12-05-2011 12:29 PM