1. annasophia25's Avatar
    This is really about my 3G, but it starts with my iPad. I've had my iPad for a couple of days. When I did the sync of the iTunes apps from my iPhone 3G most things synced ( contacts, notes, alerts, music, etc) but most of the data in the apps didn't. Games I've worked on for two years are back at "0". Pocket Money is blank, my password keeper is blank, etc. I can live with this since it's all still on my phone, but I'm afraid to sync my phone now. Have I erased it all on my Mac? Will my phone be wiped out? I'm awaiting a new 4S but I'm too afraid to sync my current phone, let alone a new one!

    10-26-2011 08:17 PM
  2. douglaswilson's Avatar
    I am not sure if i am posting this question in the correct location but here it is- all of a sudden when i enter a new contact in my iphone it will not go to my ipad, i use gmail set up as an exchange account. Right now I have 5 contacts on my phone which are not going to my ipad, before it gets any worse i would like to know what to do or what to do differently. Thanks.
    02-22-2012 10:15 PM
  3. -SB-'s Avatar
    This is as you are syncing with a 3G. The only way to retain app data is on iCloud I believe. I don't think there's a way. Though the data should still be safe on your phone
    03-04-2012 11:09 AM