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    Okay so... I had ios 4.3.3 on my Iphone 3gs baseband 6.15.00, it was unlocked and jailbroken with
    everything working fine after the necessary tweaks. Then i upgraded to ios 5 unlocked and jailbroken.

    I got no service and no cellular data plan option when checking in Settings>General>Network. After racking my brain for hrs, i decided to downgrade back to ios 4.3.3, now it only says "Searching" with Wifi, I tried resetting network settings, uninstalling ultrasnow and reinstalling, turning the phone off and on and ejecting the sim card.

    I have the right carrier apn in the cellular network data ( 3G is disabled and data roaming is on. What am i missing here?

    (edit: after speaking to a tmobile rep, she said to restore it again, so i did that using sn0wbreeze, in expert mode i chose not to hactivate it, the other jailbreak i chose to hactivate it)
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