1. snison's Avatar
    Are there any programs that replicate the "profiles" on the BlackBerry. I pretty sure it would only be a jailbroken program. Specifically, where I can set the iPhone to silent, but still have a really annoying ringtone so I hear when Mom calls.

    One that supports having a different ringtone for a contact based on phone/message?

    I just can't live without it.

    08-14-2011 02:12 AM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    You can get a profile app if you're willing to jailbreak. You can wait a few weeks for iOS 5 so that you can use a different ringtone per contact for phone/message.

    Or you can use a simple workaround so that your non-important calls don't bother you. Set your main ringtone to silent (will require a custom ringtone of total silence). Assign ringtones to those people whom you will answer no matter what.
    08-14-2011 08:41 AM
  3. snison's Avatar
    Name of said program?
    08-14-2011 05:47 PM

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