1. itsalexaye's Avatar
    My 3gs for the last 12 hours has been showing 'No SIM' then it will be fine in a few minutes. It just does this periodically enough to mess with my head. So I was wondering if I take it to AT&T would they give me a new SIM and fix it or do I need to go to the Apple Store?
    06-13-2011 05:04 AM
  2. Sketso's Avatar
    Try this first: pull the SIM card and gently clean all of the "shiny" contacts with a pencil eraser, then wipe down with an alcohol wipe and let dry, then re-insert. In most cases, that will fix all of those issues.

    If that doesn't help, see your carrier (direct store, not authorized dealer) and they should give you a free replacement SIM. Most "authorized" locations will charge you for a replacement... it's usually only around 10 bucks, but every cent is priceless these days, right?
    06-13-2011 10:20 AM
  3. itsalexaye's Avatar
    what should I use to try to pull it out? I dont want to damage my iPhone or SIM card you know
    06-13-2011 04:21 PM
  4. Sketso's Avatar
    what should I use to try to pull it out? I dont want to damage my iPhone or SIM card you know
    There's a small hole in the top. Insert a small paperclip and push gently, it should eject the sim tray and sim card. Don't use a toothpick or anything breakable...

    A quick Google search nets this with some simple guidance:

    Installing iPhone 3GS SIM Card - iFixit
    06-13-2011 04:26 PM
  5. itsalexaye's Avatar
    so I got the sim card replaced at att and still the same problems. they said I might have to get the tray replaced at apple store, does that mean I could get a new 3gs?

    I hope so
    06-17-2011 12:04 PM
  6. iRepairSolutions's Avatar
    hey, a new sim card or sim card tray will not help you. You are experiencing a hardware problem where the guides for the sim card tray inside your phone have become loose as well as the sim card reader points. You need to take it to a hardware repair store so they can fix this for you. If you are still under warranty, I suggest you get a replacement iPhone.
    06-17-2011 05:02 PM
  7. itsalexaye's Avatar
    I went to Apple store yesterday, and they gave me a brand mew 3GS so I'm happy now. Excellent customer service by apple once again
    06-18-2011 06:20 PM