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    Hay all,
    I've got a small Prob (I think) with my Iphone and I wanted to see if anyone else has had this.

    Type: Iphone 3Gs
    Colour: White
    Size: 16GB
    IOS: 4.2.1
    Staus: Refurbished (Apple In store Replacement)

    Ok so I got a White 3Gs new back in Jan on Orange UK and all was fine until I noticed I had the dreaded cracks on the back case by the power / plug port. So I took it in to an Apple store & they gave me a new handset rather then claim of my Phone insurance.

    All was fine until I noticed it has a slight rattle when shook. I took it back, they opened it up & found nothing but could also hear the rattle. So.....they gave me another one.

    Now I know this is a refurbished one as by the power port there is a small blue ink mark & there was bit of what looked like glue between the screen & the casing (I'm assuming it was a repaired) Anyway.......

    This also has a small ratter but the main problem is that it randomly get warm on the back.

    Perfect example below.....

    Now I sent a text to someone & the phone back was cold. 30mins later the back was warm as if Id been playing a heavy CPU using game. I found by using it for a bit it & then leaving it, closing all the back in the background it eventually cools down.

    It does randomly and I'm not sure if this is normal as I never experienced it with my previous 2 handsets.

    I have my mail on Push (manual retrieve) for hotmail in the mail app and when I get a mail it auto updates & beeps at me.

    Any advice would be great
    11-29-2010 09:46 AM