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    HEy Guys this is jaymit here.

    I wanted to ask you all a question that are in my mind from a long time but aren't solved yet even after reading many blogs:

    I have an activated iphone 3gs with ios 4.0 installed.i don't have the original sim card.i have jailbroken it and installed Ultrasn0w via cydia to unlock it.
    My Baseband is:05.13.04

    Now i want to install ios 4.1.
    So can i install Ios 4.1 in my jailbroken iphone 3gs???
    if yes will i loose my activation(Since i don't have the original sim and i used to unlock it)??
    Will my phone ask me to connect it to itunes and to insert the original sim without which it wont start my phone ?? will it get deactivated??
    Will it remain activated And just get started showing me no service so that i can jailbreak it??

    If it will not remain activated should i use a phonebook sim(Dits) or if you have a method on how to install ios 4.1 on jailbroken ios 4.0 please give it to me!!!
    Please help!! am a newbie in the world of iphone!!!

    Wll limera1n help activate my iphone!!!Help??

    Sorry for the questions but help is needed!!
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    10-14-2010 05:35 PM