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  1. Heal83's Avatar
    Please can someone help!!!! Having just recieved my iPhone 3GS, my ONLY COMPLAINT has to be regarding the text message ID feature. I know there is a way to turn off the Preview of the text, but is there a way to turn off/hide the ID of the person that has text me??? I notice that this was a problem for some users of the iPhone 3G, and that an app was avialable to hide the name of the person that has text. Think it was called "Caterpiller Kate" App. Maybe thats wrong, i dont know.
    Does anybody know of any such app available for the 3GS???

    Thanks, look forward to hearing from all...

    11-02-2009 07:22 AM
  2. big9erfan's Avatar
    Not without jailbreaking.

    You can try:
    - Popup Blocker
    - iblacklist
    11-02-2009 09:09 AM
  3. Heal83's Avatar
    What exactly is Jailbreaking?? What does it entail? Sorry, I'm kinda new to all this... Thanks for getting back to me though.
    11-02-2009 12:35 PM
  4. Gary86's Avatar
    why do you want to block who sent you the msg? Doing something shady huh LOL...go to search and type 'blackra1n" that's the new Jailbreak for 3gs on 3.1.2. There are a bunch of threads on this forum and others that go into detail about jailbreaking...I'll private msg you
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    11-02-2009 01:20 PM