1. tahir's Avatar
    so i wanna update to 3.0.1 firmware as i got my iphone and its on 3.0 firmware
    if u update from itunes it wil update me to 3.1 i wanna jailbreak and unlock so how would i update it to 3.0.1 without updating it to 3.1
    09-13-2009 08:58 AM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    You'd need the 3.0.1 firmware, and do a restore to that. It's probably not worth it at this time. Remember the 3.0.1 only patched a security issue (so it's probably not a big deal anymore). If you want to jailbreak from 3.0, you can do that no problem. Frankly, I would just wait at this point and see what the dev team comes up with.
    09-13-2009 09:35 AM