1. tcbowen's Avatar
    Hello everyone,

    I'm finally getting my first iPhone (hopefully) tomorrow. The closest apple store to me is about 3 hours away. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what to expect with AT&T stores as far as how many they've had in stock, how long it takes, etc. Thanks so much for the help. I can't wait to have one!!
    07-20-2009 03:29 PM
  2. GMJeff's Avatar
    Your best bet is to call ahead to an AT&T store and see if they have them in stock and can hold one for you. I have had luck before, with other phones, where they will hold them for an hour or two.
    07-20-2009 03:35 PM
  3. voyager's Avatar
    no AT&T had a 3GS in stock around my area i either had to drive a few hours to the Apple store or order it online from AT&T and so i decided to order mine, it should be in tomorrow
    07-20-2009 04:08 PM
  4. BradM73's Avatar
    AT&T stores have mainly been out of stock on 3Gs phones. The Apple store usually gets their shipments on Tuesday or Wednesdays, so call the Apple store the day ahead of time to see if they're expecting a shipment, then if they're expecting one, just shot up in the morning and you should be good. When I got mine, there was a short line in front of me, but I had no trouble getting my 3Gs. Alternatives? Pre-Order one from Apple, NOT AT&T. Apple will probably have your phone shipping within a few days, where AT&T is still quoting 10-14 days on backorder. Good luck!
    07-21-2009 04:48 AM
  5. modset's Avatar
    I got mine t Best Buy. Walked right in and they had several in stock. And if you're not on AT&T, they can switch everything over for you right there. Good luck
    07-21-2009 07:41 AM
  6. jamesus's Avatar
    07-21-2009 04:03 PM
  7. EmEuS's Avatar
    I walked right in AT&T andthey had several in stock.
    07-21-2009 07:21 PM
  8. jimmy-m's Avatar
    I ordered one online through AT&T along with a dash adapter. Monday night I got an email saying they did a partial shipment. No mention of the dash adapter, only the Iphone. I called Tuesday morning and they said it looks like the whole order shipped. They preauthorized the entire amount on my credit card when I ordered it - my available balance went down but no charge has shown up even now - Tuesday night. USPS shows they shipped me something yesterday. The anticipation is getting to me. It's my first. Do you old timers have a name for Iphone virgins? Ivirgins or something?
    07-21-2009 10:14 PM
  9. Entertainment72's Avatar
    Apparently AT&T stores received a new shipment in two days ago. I just picked one up for my wife at an AT&T (had to go to two) and thats what they said. Apple stores usually always have them in stock. I had to do a contract eligibility switch so I couldn't go to the Apple store which I usually do and prefer.
    07-22-2009 07:48 AM
  10. bubbatex's Avatar
    As everyone has mentioned - call your local ATT & Best Buy stores to see if they have any. I called my ATT store Monday and they had a few - and by the time I got there, I got the last one! But they said they are getting them a few times a week now.
    07-22-2009 11:35 AM
  11. dascrow#IM's Avatar
    I would try your ATT store again, my just received a new shipment yesterday
    07-22-2009 12:06 PM
  12. wickedwahine11's Avatar
    Thanks for the tips everyone. I'm getting my iPhone on Tuesday and I was debating about whether to go to ATT or Apple. If you go to Apple, can they access your current ATT account so that they know you are FINALLY!!!! eligible for the upgrade at no additional cost?

    Is there an advantage to going to ATT versus Apple or the other way around?
    07-24-2009 03:44 PM