1. eldiablojoe's Avatar
    the browsing, the threaded sms but i dont like the fact that i cant selectively delete individual call records ...
    That and deleting individual Safari history items without deleting all history items would be extremely helpful!

    My favorite feature is the integration of so much stuff, maps will take you to search will let you bring up contact info will let you call or email. It's great to be able so smoothly flow through the functions without having to back out of one and then enter another one just to email a business you googled.

    I would LOVE to see an optical zoom on the camera though. Sucks taking pix of sea turtles I can see with my eye, but look like dots on a blue background when I photograph the same thing.
    10-07-2009 02:21 PM
  2. rob0tmarv12's Avatar
    mines must be the sms and how each conversation is organized unlike berry
    10-07-2009 08:07 PM
  3. JustSquared's Avatar
    The fact that its an all in one solution.
    It's my cell phone, my email, my iPod, my GPS, etc. in one device.
    10-10-2009 09:46 PM
  4. tpj88's Avatar
    The voice memos function has come in very handy for me! I use it for lectures etc. I also like the voice dialing
    10-14-2009 02:22 AM
  5. YoRazaMaNaza's Avatar
    Best feature (that I've never had on another device) - when you slide the mute button it only silences incoming calls/texts so you can still use it as an alarm clock or fall asleep listening to music!
    Agreed, it's a really good feature!
    10-15-2009 01:59 AM
  6. Allyson Kazmucha's Avatar
    video camera by far. i didn't think i'd use it, but i do a lot more than i ever thought i would. pretty much eliminated by digital camera.
    10-17-2009 02:43 AM
  7. FLCracker's Avatar
    I would probably have to say Safari because I came from a Storm and the BB Browser was soooooo slow and didnt always load pages properly.
    10-19-2009 07:13 PM
  8. koasterlover's Avatar
    Safari. Omg so fast!
    10-19-2009 10:08 PM
  9. Tim Cladwell's Avatar
    I purchased the 3g Iphone and found that business networking sites like Continental Who's Who are getting into the game by adapting their existing sites to give iphone users a whole new experience. I would like to see this mobile site as an app. I don't know what Apple's policy is for having web based apps in their store. Either way its nice to see iphone/mobile sites that are being developed as it gives us more functionality and use from our phone.
    11-10-2009 07:55 PM
  10. iAddict's Avatar
    I'm a musician and VIDEO and Voice Recorder are UNREAL!

    The quality is amazing! Wow you can do some great sound recordings. Awesome for sketches and ideas!

    MMS (about damn time - and I am saying this to BOTH Apple AND AT&T) shouldve been there from day 1
    11-11-2009 02:41 PM
  11. Slone's Avatar
    Definitely Safari. There's no other mobile browser like it and I constantly get to make fun of my friends with blackberrys because of it.
    11-14-2009 08:39 AM
  12. PhxBlue's Avatar
    Lots of awesomeness to be found in the iPhone as a whole. However if we were talking about the 3GS specifically then I would say that my favorite feature is the excellent video recorder.
    11-14-2009 11:58 AM
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