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    Is there an admin who is able to move this post?
    I didn't know that there's a "Jailbreaking, Unlocking, Hacks, Themes & Mods"-section and I believe my post fits in there.

    Hello Forum!

    I am stupid

    - Jailbroke my iPhone 3G with iPad Baseband in 2010 (Everything fine)
    - Didn't touch the IOS until 2013 (forgot everything about jailbreak and stuff)
    - Tried to reset everything by selecting the restore option in the settings (Stupidity lvl <9k!!1!)
    - Realized what I did and cried a lot
    - Tried to restore anyway
    - Encountered Bootloop
    - Got out of Bootloop (Not able to start DFU mode)
    - Was in Recovery mode and tried BlackRa1n
    - It worked a bit (I finally saw a Lockscreen again but I was only able to use emergancy call [It said "Connect to iTunes"])
    - Now I was able to shut iPhone down normally -> DFU mode
    - Tried to Redsn0w with 4.1.2 ipsw and reset Baseband (Didn't work)
    - Encountered Bootloop (again!)

    If there is anybody out there who is able to help me with my problem that would be great.
    [EDIT]: By "help" I mean do anything that puts my iPhone back to a point where I am able to use it normally. I don't care which IOS.

    If you need additional information just let me know so I can post it here:

    Additional Information:

    Sincerly J4GER96

    (I know that this was totally stupid, you don't have to tell me that)
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