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    hello guys!
    m very new to technical area! i used to have a 3g and wanted to give it to dad. so i did a erase all contant and setting. however it did the loading part (the bar under the apple logo).. and it went to a reset and for a while it was stucked in the pine apple logo when restarted. so i pressed both home and power button and released... and still it is stucked with the pine apple logo!! need help of you guys. i discussed the matter with a friend and he told me that my phone's OS is completely gone and i have to install the OS again. i dont remember the baseband and firmware was 3.1.something i beleive. guys please please help me.. the phone is almost in coma. it never do any thing except the screen some times blink and again the pine apple logo is there. my phone was yes a jail broken phone! and as it was long time back i usually dnt remember which source i used to JB it. waiting for your support dudes it is not recognised by itunes when i connect to PC either

    09-12-2012 04:43 AM
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    The problem is you installed and tethered jailbreak so every time you close your device you had to go to your PC and boots from PC and not alone. So what you should have done is go to your PC and reported from iTunes not from inside your wet. So now that you're stuck there the only thing you can do is To enter the dfu mode and than try to connect. You should do it multiple times and it will not be established at first time I've the same problem too and I was stuck there for about day and I was trying all day long since I didn't connect my device to iTunes.
    09-12-2012 05:19 AM

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