1. timbales1's Avatar
    I haven't used a 3g in over 2 years. Friend thats had a tough time the past year got one free. I think it will serve him well to make phone calls,text, and browsing via wifi. Whats the best ios for 3g to run as smooth as possible? He's planning on unlocking and using prepaid plan.
    01-02-2012 04:29 PM
  2. Peligro911's Avatar
    iPhone 3G maxed out at OS 4.2.1

    You can JB with redsnow but if it has a older bb you might want to use snowbreeze to upgrade the OS and keep the bb so it can be unlocked

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    01-02-2012 05:22 PM
  3. Massie's Avatar
    I never went over 3.1.3 on my 3G...the ones I saw running 4.x were always unbearably slow to me, but everyone has their own tolerance for it.
    01-02-2012 06:15 PM
  4. plt3121MarineAlways's Avatar
    You know actually I just gave my kids my old 3g unlocked with 4.2 and its not bad at all.
    01-02-2012 10:12 PM
  5. Peligro911's Avatar
    Whatever you do when u JB a 3G don't enable background and multitasking lol there was a reason these were left out till 3GS lol talk about slow

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    01-03-2012 02:29 AM
  6. astaf's Avatar
    definately 3.1.3. It's the smoothest fw for the 3g. However it will lack some cool apps like ibooks. But ibooks is too slow on a 4.2.1 3g. So it comes down to make a choice between cool features and speed.
    01-03-2012 10:48 AM
  7. yojojo3311's Avatar
    It has been a while for me as well - I found my old 3G phone while Spring cleaning and decided it would be a great iPod for outdoor adventures....I need an outdoor-sy case...any suggestions?
    I did find this one which could work - iPhone 3G case
    02-23-2012 09:01 AM