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    I have had a problem before when downloading new versions of iTunes where I lost all my calendar entries. Actually, the "Genius" at Apple lost all my information as I had gone there for help when I got a weird message while trying to download.

    I alway sync my phone, but it is my understanding that I should have a backup copy of my phone somewhere on my computer other than iTunes if there is a problem. I found where the backup is in iTunes and I think I saved a copy to my desktop, but it is a long string of letters and numbers, so I have no way to look at it to make sure. It is a large folder of information.

    Does anyone know how to easily save a backup copy with nice step by step directions? My iphone 4s comes tomorrow so I want to make sure I have everything backed up safely so there are no problems like I had before.
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    10-13-2011 11:47 AM