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    iPhone 3G supports all the things an iPhone 3GS can do software-wise, but most of it is hidden so as not to confuse the user. Here are three things you can do to make your iPhone feel more like an iPhone 3GS:

    Add Videos to Camera Roll/Photos
    You can have videos mixed with your photos. If there's a video you want, get a friend to send it to you via MMS or email. If you get it through MMS, click the arrow in the bottom left corner, then click "Save Video". If you get it through email (and is an acceptable file type), touch and hold the video until "Save Video" pops up. Click it.

    If you want to sync videos over to Photos in their own album, you'll have to use iTunes. Make sure you have iTunes 9. Click on the Photos tab, then click an Event, Album, or Faces that has the video(s) you want. Make sure to check the box next to "Include Videos" in the top box on the page. Then, just sync with your phone.

    Trim Videos
    Just add a video to your phone via one of the above methods, then drag the stop and end points to where you want them and click "Trim". You can choose to Save As New Clip or Trim Original.

    Share Video via MMS or Email
    This is the trickiest thing to do. Apple disables the ability to share videos from the Photos app on the iPhone 3G (and presumably the iPhone 2G). Here is how to share it using work arounds:

    Click on the video you want to email, so that it takes up the whole screen. Now, press and hold you finger down on it until the "Copy" bubble pops up. Copying a video from it's icon will only result in copying its filename. Click the copy bubble, then open the Mail app. Make a new message, and paste the video into the email. Then send it like normal.

    To send it as an MMS, you have three options:

    If you received the video as a MMS and still have it, you can forward it to anyone you want.

    Follow the instructions for email, but make the recipient (if AT&T is your carrier). Then once you get it as a MMS, forward it to the person you want. Make sure the file type is .3gp.

    Do the above step, but make the recipient theirphonenumber@theircarrierMMSaddress. (Eg. for T-Mobile). Make sure the file type is .3gp.

    Tell me if I missed anything.
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