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    OK so heres the stick ... iphone 3g .. went through the wash .. fulllllll cycle wash and dry .. would not even turn on ... i replaced the battery now it powers on .. but only when pluged in .. does not boot up and after a short amount of time will go right into recovery mode ... NOW i can move it between recovery and DFU however .. it will not restore to any firmware between 3.0 and 2.0 ... i did however manage to make it allll the way through the jailbreak process with redsnow but as soon as it finishes and says rebooting the phone shuts off and does not come back on .. i have gotten all the common errors 21,23,1600,1601,1602,1603,1604,2005,1618, and all that other jazz .. tried all the common fixes have used 3 diff computers 2 windows xp 1 macbook 4 diff ipod cables have removed all apple software and reinstalled prettymuch done everything under the sun .. ive spent prolly 23 hours total trying to fix this .. does ANYONE have any insight .. other than its a brick ... because if the logic board was effed i dont imagine id be able to controll it the way i do

    any information would be AMAZING
    thanx in advance
    super new noob
    09-07-2009 08:48 PM
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    Am soo sorry to hear this. How long did you wait before you changed the battery and turn it on??? If you didn't wait long enough you may have fried the phone. Most advice I have seen says to put the wet phone in a bag of rice for three days before doing anything. You need to have gotten all the moisture out before turning on to prevent any shorts.
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    09-07-2009 10:35 PM
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    I don't think it matters as the soap in the washer will probably corrode the contacts in a few months. On top of that, if the battery was charged when it went in, you could have shorted something.

    If the phone runs while plugged in, but turns off when you unplug it, it could have a bad charging circuit in it. That usually means replacing the logic board.

    You could try tearing it all down and using distilled water and clean it very carefully, or a lot of contact cleaner or alcohol. Let it air dry for a day or so while dissected. Put it back together and see if it works then.
    09-08-2009 12:53 AM
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    hmm well tearing it down does seam to be my only option .. as it was several months before i replaced the battery .. ( i had been trying custom softwares on my htc) lol so i guess now being that i am using a diff phone i might as well keep trying with this one .. only thing iss .. when i took it appart there was no burnt smell nore was there ANY sign of corrosion but hey its worth a shot .. thanx a whollle bunch
    09-08-2009 08:15 AM
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    Hello u might try playing w dfu mode and plugging it into iTunes. I know this sounds silly but I jailbroke w pwnage and preloaded a bunch of software added a source and an install glitches because of differing platforms, turned it off and spent the next 13 hours trying to bring it back. Changed computers, nothing at first then started playing w holding both buttons and opening closing iTunes. Eventually picked up and restored to backup. Good luck happy trails.
    09-08-2009 08:51 PM
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    i do thank you all for your input .. i would like tomake mention that being soo new into doing actual repair of these god awful devices lol that i had failed to notices i had incorrectly installed the battery ... mine had come with the ribbon but no connector .. so i had assumed that just toss the old connector on top .. well thats not the case lol .. so that for sure explains it not turning on unless its pluged in and a lot of the other issues as well .. so im working on getting the proper replacement together again i thank you all for your input
    09-08-2009 09:19 PM
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    Hope it works out for you.
    09-09-2009 02:48 AM