1. jameskemp's Avatar
    Im trying to jailbreak by iphone and when ever i download the firmware it is in a .zip not like the pic
    08-15-2009 09:43 AM
  2. nextjeter2's Avatar
    What iPhone do u have
    08-15-2009 09:47 AM
  3. Tramain's Avatar
    Use this redsn0w and open redsn0w and browse the firmware.
    08-15-2009 09:49 AM
  4. nextjeter2's Avatar
    Tramain he is saying it is not like the pick.
    08-15-2009 09:51 AM
  5. jameskemp's Avatar
    yer nob................................
    08-15-2009 09:56 AM
  6. nextjeter2's Avatar
    What and what iPhone are u using I can give u a better link
    08-15-2009 10:12 AM
  7. lego's Avatar
    dont jail break its not worth it

    08-15-2009 01:02 PM
  8. nextjeter2's Avatar
    Lego quit saying that in every thread it is very worth it. I love it you can multitask. It is very easy 2 ure option is ure opinion. Why r u against jalbreakinf
    08-15-2009 02:25 PM