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    Hey i've been googling around now for past few days hoping to find someone else with the same problem but so far no luck!
    so i figured i'd join a forum and post the problem and hope that someone knows how to resolve it.

    Its an iPhone 3G 8Gb, i have restored using itunes to firmware 3.0, jailbroke the phone using redsn0w, then unlocked using ultrasn0w. Fantastic everything works i can make calls, text all day and access wi-fi networks! so happy...untill earlier when i turned on 3G
    Initially i lost signal but it came back and i was able to make a call, however the signal soon dissappeared after i had hung up.
    I read online that after unlocking, etc, 3G can cause this problem so i turned it off and the signal came back! yay!! however the calls/ texts didnt!

    Now everytime i make a call i hear 'you have call barring activated on this phone, please check the call restrictions active on your vodafone mobile' and it won't send texts.

    i've tried rebooting the phone with and without the sim, pluggin into itunes, toggling the airplane mode, reseting network settings and nothings worked!

    Does anybody have the same problem, or know how it can be resolved?

    Would really appreciate any advice...


    07-14-2009 05:05 AM