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    So i wasn't able to sit in ATT lines on opening day of the 3GS because I was out of town on a business trip so I had to show up a day late hoping they would have one in stock...but they didn't. So i ordered one. The lady said that it would be about 7-10 and more so on the later side given the demand. I was very anxious to get it but I had checked two other ATT stores and they were all sold out. So i waited and the waiting experience was actually pretty good. They sent me an email with my tracking information and everything. I got up to date status daily. Of course the tracking was pending for 2 days but yesterday it finally said shipping and I got a tracking number. Luckily they shipped it fedex standard overnight so I got it today.....and let me just say that I love this new phone.

    Sure the iphone 3g was great but I think it was worth it to upgrade. I even tested many of the apps myself to see the speed difference and it is totally noticable. Be careful though because some people are claiming that they don't see a speed difference after testing the in store phone. I went in to see what they were talking about and this ATT store had three phones out. Two were 3G and the other was 3GS. The only way you can tell is by the cover and the gig amount. the 3gs was a 16gig and the back was crystal clean with no scratches while the other 2 were 8gig with scratches (though the 8 gig instantly tells you it is 3g). Here is my own video on you tube that I took.

    I decided to test apps that weren't tested by other people. I also tested the network speed over wifi instead of 3g because I wanted to see the different.

    I am totally stoked about the 3gs and love it. The best/worst thing is. I had to pay the $400 for early termination but I actually sold my iphone unlocked on ebay for $220. So i saved a good amount of money. Yay for me i say.
    06-25-2009 07:01 PM
  2. Entertainment72's Avatar
    3Gs is considerably quicker.
    06-25-2009 08:26 PM
  3. evitalu's Avatar
    Yeah, the vedio is good. It's obviously iPhone 3G S is faster than 3G. Well done!
    06-25-2009 08:36 PM
  4. Christinme7890's Avatar
    thanks, i tried to make the movie simple so people would realize that the iphone is fast. I also tried to have a Pre present but my friend who owns the Pre couldn't make it over to the house. My next video will compare the pre, iphone 3g, and iphone 3gs over wife using Java as well as other online webpages.
    06-26-2009 04:48 AM
  5. GreenLightJerky's Avatar
    That was a good video! Really show a lot of speed with all those apps opening.
    Through out the day that all adds up to some time saving! The camera app opens very fast!
    06-26-2009 07:26 AM