1. Tramain's Avatar
    Change the way you iPhone looks a little without hacking
    06-23-2009 10:54 PM
  2. OmariJames's Avatar
    I was playing with this today coincidentally.
    06-23-2009 11:03 PM
  3. EpiCoach's Avatar
    thanks. thats nice :-)
    07-07-2009 02:39 PM
  4. rob0tmarv12's Avatar
    cool didnt even notice that option
    07-07-2009 08:01 PM
  5. DaReaper911's Avatar
    I like the way it looks!!
    07-07-2009 10:30 PM
  6. JustinHorn's Avatar
    I wish you could enable voice without changing how the whole navigation works. Would be great if you get an SMS while driving to just listen to it instead of trying to read it.
    07-07-2009 10:37 PM
  7. jhamilton3's Avatar
    I like dizzy's idea.. That would be pretty cool.
    07-07-2009 11:32 PM
  8. CoryJP's Avatar
    yeah ive tried this.. its pretty cool.. i still dont get how this helps people with their vision but ohh well ! lol
    07-07-2009 11:40 PM