1. CraigR's Avatar
    Hey I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. After I update my phone to 3.0 I've had missing pixels like tiny red, blue and green dots like 3 of them have popped up but then they'll go away then come back. Maybe it's a coincidence but it's really annoying.
    06-21-2009 07:14 PM
  2. Rocprod's Avatar
    Try thos site knoxing.com/iphone-app/#_home with www in front I did not have a pixel prob on mine bit did the test anyway lete know if this works for you
    06-21-2009 09:58 PM
  3. CraigR's Avatar
    well i let it run for like at least 5 minutes and they're still there. It's driving me nuts and I don't think the Genius bar will do anything about it.
    06-21-2009 11:25 PM
  4. bosox0898's Avatar
    i had this problem with my original 3g. i noticed that they pixels would get stuck when the phone was either very cold, or after i was using it for a while and it started to get hot... not too sure why exactly, but i would say it's more than likely not a software problem. if it's still under warranty the genius bar may actually replace it
    06-21-2009 11:45 PM
  5. Leanna Lofte's Avatar
    I'd go to the Apple Store. There's a very good chance that they'll replace it.
    06-22-2009 12:32 AM
  6. CraigR's Avatar
    You think even if I've gotten 2 replacements already?
    06-22-2009 04:27 PM
  7. Tramain's Avatar
    You think even if I've gotten 2 replacements already?
    It does not matter.
    06-22-2009 04:41 PM
  8. CraigR's Avatar
    Thanks guys, I'm going to make an appointment and see what happens.
    06-22-2009 05:48 PM
  9. Tramain's Avatar
    Post back and tell us what happened.
    06-22-2009 05:51 PM
  10. bruce.abbott's Avatar
    A friend of mine went through 8 iPhones between the 2G and 3G. Granted 7 out of those 8 problems were his fault, they still had the decency to replace them for him. Each apple store is unique but Apple does know how to satisfy their customers so you should be ok.
    06-22-2009 07:54 PM
  11. Duncan38's Avatar
    Hey gang

    I have noticed that I get a message" No SIM" across screen and I know the AT&T card is in the phone, I do a hard reset and it comes back. anyone else getting this
    06-23-2009 12:17 AM