Sell Your Old iPhone For Cash!

What's my iPhone worth?
  1. Dyvim's Avatar
    The speed- it's all about the speed, baby!
    Would give this to my wife though as I will be rocking my own iPhone 3GS come tomorrow!
    06-18-2009 08:39 AM
  2. ATOBDavis's Avatar
    I'm about to move across country and I want to be able to send videos of my new city to my parents. I NEED a 3gs!
    06-18-2009 08:39 AM
  3. JCK1020's Avatar
    I would very much so wish to receive the new iPhone 3G S, because then I will have the new hardware. My 3G is only 8GB, and I am constantly having to take things off. I need video too! I need this phone!
    06-18-2009 08:39 AM
  4. MarilynneN's Avatar
    The most compelling reason for me to upgrade to the 3Gs is voice control. I know that's probably not high on most people's list, but I love using my phone in the car to listen to music and since I don't have integrated controls, having a way to navigate the iPod with voice commands is very nice and a lot safer in the crazy commute traffic stream.

    Of course, the performance bonuses of the new hardware are pretty spiffy too
    06-18-2009 08:40 AM
  5. fromamerica's Avatar
    Right now I have a WM Fuze and an iPod Touch 2G. I am always carrying around two devices, which is bothersome. Having been a WM user for several years, I was shocked and amazed at the interface when I got the Touch, and am now using it for most personal uses, including mail, ereader, tasks, as of course music. I am still using the Wm device as my phone & to get the company email, but I would love to get the iPhone so I could ditch WM forever.

    I have always been a gadget guy and am thinking about blogging my experience whenever I do get a new iPhone about the move from WM.
    06-18-2009 08:40 AM
  6. vvelvetelvis#CB's Avatar
    why do i want to upgrade? partially a tech ***** and partially my wife still has the 2g phone and i want to get her off of that and onto my 3g. but mostly, tech *****.
    06-18-2009 08:40 AM
  7. Unlying's Avatar
    I'm a high school band teacher who uses his iPhone as a recording device, metronome, tuner and "look at this" example from YouTube. 2 weeks ago my iPhone saw it's end dropping off the scaffolding during a marching band rehearsal. As I was talking it scooted of the edge hitting the all the platforms in the middle. THe 125+ kids on the field started laughing until I told them it was my iPhone that fell and then there was an uncomfortable hush on the field as they knew how much the phone meant to me. Being a teacher, we don't have much disposable income forcing me to go back to my Blackjack 2.
    06-18-2009 08:41 AM
  8. sting7k's Avatar
    I stood in in line launch day for bot the iPhone and iPhone 3G. I paid $600 for my first iPhone only to have the price cut 1.5 months later with no new model. I need the faster load times and sweetness of the iPhone 3Gs as a gamer to play more games!

    I am not eligible for an upgrade from AT&T until December. At that point I expect iPhone 4 rumors to be raging so it will be a waste to use my upgrade then.
    06-18-2009 08:42 AM
  9. danny2582's Avatar
    Hi , the reason i want a 3gs is I'd like to give either the new 3gs or my current 3g to my mother,i know it sounds cheesey but shes done so much for me over the years and id like to give back, also she uses a old pos phone that bareley works and she doesnt have a computer since hers broke a couple years back.So this would be a phone and a computor all wrapped in 1! I really cant afford 1 to buy her so maybe you guys can help out . Thanks , danny
    Last edited by danny2582; 06-18-2009 at 08:45 AM.
    06-18-2009 08:42 AM
  10. @JKeith1982's Avatar
    Well... I was first introduced to apple when I bought my 8gig ipod. Since then I have had to increase my bandwidth at home (which is not cheap in South Africa) because I fell inlove with various podcasts... I bought it thinking 8gigs would be enough but I was quickly proven wrong. 8gigs is only the beginning or so I thought!

    I then realised that one is able to have an ipod and phone in one. Seeing that I was seriously in need of a new phone as I have always been given the hand me down phone in my family, I thought I'd price them and possibly buy one. A little gift to myself.

    I was utterly disapointed when I realized that there was just no way I could afford to buy a 8gig iphone and still pay for a wedding which is just over 5 months away (Novemeber 09 to be exact).

    I was prepared to sell my CD collection and hifi to try and get one... That's how serious I was about getting one. However my soon to be wife told me that she wouldn't marry me if I did that... Dream smashed again!

    So sadly I am unable to purchase my own iphone cause even a 4gig iphone here is just to exspensive and the only way I can try and get one is by entering competions such as this one and hoping...

    So here I am holding thumbs!

    Thanks for the oppurtunity to enter!!!
    06-18-2009 08:42 AM
  11. slickrsx's Avatar
    Winning a 32gb iphone 3GS would be sick! #1 reason why i would want to win and upgrade from my 3G would have to be, the extra space to save my recorded vids from the new video camera! Freakin Awesome! Me recording = upload wirelessly to youtube. Thanx for the chance to win.
    06-18-2009 08:43 AM
  12. jmleib's Avatar
    So, today is my wife's birthday.

    Her iPod broke, which she uses extensive to teach aerobics classes. A few months ago, I had to take her to the ER in the middle of the night, and by the time we left, my iPhone was no where to be found.

    So, I "upgraded" another line to replace my phone, and now our renewal date is somewhere around 2015.

    It makes complete sense for her to replace her iPod with an iPhone, and I'd do it in a heartbeat for the contract pricing, but I'd much rather tell her at dinner tonight that I got her a shiny new 32GB iPhone 3Gs instead of telling her she'll have to get by on a Nano for a few years.
    06-18-2009 08:43 AM
  13. rotwiler9's Avatar
    I've always wanted an iphone, and this new one looks amazing. Great camera, compass, the ability to use it for everything (internet, phone, music, video, gps), but the price is just too much for me. I'd love to get this phone, as i still have the same basic phone i've always had on att, and i've been checking this site nonstop ever since 3.0 was announced; this would be a nice birthday present .
    06-18-2009 08:44 AM
  14. crglrsn's Avatar
    I'm obsessed with the iPhone/iPod Touch family and really want the iPhone 3GS, but it's just not in the budget for an early upgrade. My partner and I both upgraded early from WinMo & Razr phones to the 3G and we love it, but paid $500 each because we weren't eligible. He lost his iPhone at MacWorld 2009 (darn pickpocket'ers) and he's been missing his toy.

    06-18-2009 08:44 AM
  15. mdoades71's Avatar
    I need more space. 8GB vs 32GB. Nuff' said.
    06-18-2009 08:46 AM
  16. rbrannon#IM's Avatar
    I first "discovered" Apple 2 years ago when I got my first iMac and have since lusted over everything Apple. I was a Blackberry guy but got sick of the no graphics email, the limited capabilities and the non 3G phone I had. My curve died recently as I was preparing for the new iPhone to come out so I had to borrow a friends old blackberry. I have been anxiously looking forward to the new phone since it truly is an all in one gadget. I will be able to put away my ipod, stop wishing for a flip video and be able to control the space shuttle all from my iPhone (isn't that NASA app coming out soon?).

    My wife just had a baby 10 days ago, so it's hard to justify dropping $300 on a new phone with all the baby expenses flying my way. But once I get the phone (because I will find a way to get it) my wife will probably steal it from me because she is a Tetris junkie.

    Ross Brannon
    06-18-2009 08:46 AM
  17. happyd's Avatar
    I"m a total technology geek. THE iPHONE HAS BEEN THE BEST PHONE I'VE EVER HAD. i'm also a social media fanatic and the iPhone makes it 10x better to keep up with all my social media accounts!!!! I bought the 3g at full price because i HAD to have it, but the 3Gs is FASTER?? omg that in itself is reason enough to want one.. faster tweeting!! woot! that's how i found you guys When i found out the price ($199) during the keynote, i immediately requested friday off from work so that i could camp out and be there friday morning!!! but then i found out i was going to have to pay full price so i still have the day off and don't have the funds to pay for full price. I was going to get it for myself for my birthday which is Saturday and for working 2 jobs all year. Although $500 would be totally worth it, i just don't have the funds.

    good luck everyone!
    06-18-2009 08:46 AM
  18. castro719's Avatar
    As stupid as this may sound.....My wife lost her job and I'm in no situation to afford the 3GS any time soon. It looks so pretty! 2G is so 2007!
    Last edited by castro719; 06-18-2009 at 10:25 AM.
    06-18-2009 08:47 AM
  19. allyouhavetolose's Avatar
    I'm an honest, hard-working, short-on-funds musician. I'd love to have an iPhone for anything from a GPS to get me to shows (it would enable me to tour), to finding a place to eat near the studio / venue I'm at, or keeping up on the MySpace scene with all my friends and fans (I could also keep in touch with venues and other important contacts for booking shows, printing and selling merch, etc...).

    To top all of that off, my girlfriend lives in Australia, and I plan on moving out there. The iPhone would be able to transfer all of it's usefulness and features right on over there, whereas my EnV2 simply won't cut it.
    06-18-2009 08:48 AM
  20. spike22's Avatar
    Assuming that the reason doesn't have any bearing on being entered, I'll be completely honest. i have an 8gb iphone 3G and it doesn't have the space i need for all my music and I can't afford a new 3Gs because i am not far enough along in my contract.
    Thanks for this chance to win!
    06-18-2009 08:50 AM
  21. bkmar1192's Avatar
    Compass !
    06-18-2009 08:50 AM
  22. airotciv's Avatar
    I bought my iPhone 3G in March and I LOVE it! However, so does my mom! I recently bought her an iPod Nano for her 70th Birthday! She has become quite tech savy with her iPod and has even started a Facebook and a Twitter account (@tweetnreta - isn't that cute?). Well ever since I bought my iPhone she has been amazed by all that it can do. I think she would absolutely flip if she was able to get her own iPhone. So I want to win an iPhone 3Gs so I can give it to my mom.
    06-18-2009 08:51 AM
  23. goavs77's Avatar
    My reason for upgrading is simple. While my EDGE iPhone is still terrific (especially with the new upgrades), it's time to increase the speed. I skipped the 3G upgrade, because I didn't see too much that i just HAD to have. However, with the 3G S, the improved camera does it for me. I travel a lot for work, so I take a lot of pictures. Plus since I always have my phone next to me, with the video feature, I can take videos of my kids (almost 5 and 2 and a half) and upload them immediately. That's great for me and so family members can see the hijinks my kids are up to when they're with 'mom and dad' and consequently, not on their best behavior.

    "Twenty twenty twenty four hours to go...."

    I may need to be sedated! I can't wait!
    06-18-2009 08:51 AM
  24. dwm922's Avatar
    Main reason I love my current 3G iPhone is the way I can instantly capture and share moments from my kids' lives with family and friends. The 3GS would enable me to do that with video as well...a great added feature.
    06-18-2009 08:52 AM
  25. litokruz12's Avatar
    Once I was a happy jailbroken iPhone 3G user. That is until my new beagle mix puppy pissed all over my iPhone and shorted it out. Now I am stuck with an iPhone paperweight and a black and white screen NOKIA! Please I don't want to upgrade, I need to upgrade!!!
    06-18-2009 08:52 AM
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