Sell Your Old iPhone For Cash!

What's my iPhone worth?
  1. brett837's Avatar
    I would love for the 3g s to be my first iPhone because simply put, the blackberry is not cutting it like an iphone would...(sorry crackberry). Plus, actually having one would make developing sweet applications for iPhone/iPod Touch waaaaayyy better!
    06-18-2009 05:56 PM
  2. Kickstar13's Avatar
    I want to upgrade to the new iPhone 3G S because I need the increases speeds. My iPhone 3G has been acting up lately and is very slow. Not to mention the improved graphics and battery life. Also I can get the most out of OS 3.0. I'd love to get a brand new iPhone 3G S.
    06-18-2009 05:59 PM
  3. budwizer's Avatar
    I want one because I already upgraded my iPhone from the 3G to the 3GS and now the wife is furious with me for not getting her a new one. Would be nice a present for her if I could win on, not to mention it would be a whole lot easier on my wallet!
    06-18-2009 06:13 PM
  4. hannibal68853's Avatar
    I want a new iphone because I cant stand not having the latest and greatest.
    06-18-2009 06:37 PM
  5. glamxswag's Avatar
    I have a 16gb iPhone 3G, but I want to upgrade to a 32gb iPhone 3G S because it would provide me more space as I am both an app and music lover. I also would love the video recording capability.
    06-18-2009 06:45 PM
  6. Traylaniah's Avatar
    My husband bought me an iPhone 3G to celebrate his promotion in rank (Air Force). I would love to win an iPhone 3GS for him so that he has one with him during deployments. Aside from being able to communicate, the apps alone could be so useful to him. And being able to store a large amount of music/movies on this single device is also a bonus.
    06-18-2009 06:48 PM
  7. smileyboy's Avatar
    Tired of hacking my iPhone with jailbreak apps. Everything I want is in this one except for 3G Slinging. So siked. Apple always does it right.
    It's a iPhone. That's why I want it.
    06-18-2009 06:49 PM
  8. Nellybelly333's Avatar
    I want to upgrade because I spent the whole year convincing people I work with to get the iPhone. Now three of them have taken the plunge and they are all going to have better phones than me! Also, I am a teacher and they pay me in wooden pennies so I will never be able to afford it other wise!
    06-18-2009 06:51 PM
  9. ed_suh's Avatar
    My current phone is a 2 year old LG Chocolate that I got for free from Verizon. I've never owned a smartphone. Whenever a friend let's me hold their iPhone, they have to wrestle it away from me because I'm so engrossed by all the fancy apps that you can put on a phone. The ability to surf the internet wherever you are is quite the amazing feat.

    So why haven't I upgraded? Why haven't I pulled myself out of the Dark Ages and into the New Age?

    I just graduated from law school (yay me!), and as much as the economy may stink for those who work in the automobile industry, the legal industry is faring no better. At least those people don't have $120,000 in student loans, which is growing exponentially at the moment because of cumulative interest. Not only that, I had to take out an additional $5,000 just to pay for my Bar exam prep fees. I just received letters from my loan providers, stating that I would be receiving my repayment schedule soon. Which would be all fine and dandy if a legal education was worth anything anymore. Unfortunately, it's not. After the Bar exam (which is 3 grueling days of torture by the way), I'll have to wait until November to find out if I passed, and pretty much only then will I be able to send out my resume looking for jobs (most law firms won't consider you for a job unless you're already an attorney). A fancy phone is unfortunately not part of the budget I made when taking out my loans.

    So in the meantime, I'll probably apply for a job at a fast food restaurant, just looking to make some money to make ends meet, but will probably be denied because my legal education makes me overqualified for most stuff. Thus, it's a matter of life or death for me that I pass this exam. But as I sit there studying diligently in my bar prep courses, I can't help but notice the people sitting next to me enjoying their random apps on their iPhones, while I look enviously on. Every once in a while, one of them will ask me what kind of phone I have. I'm usually embarassed to answer, so have taken to borrowing my friend's iPod Touch to stick in my pocket, and I'll pull that half out and say "I haven an iPhone too" before thrusting my "phone" back in. That worked fine until I actually got a phone call on my real phone...

    So how about a nice graduation gift for this poor ex-law student who has no no job nor anything to do for 4-5 months after the Bar exam? It'd be such a huge upgrade from my current phone that I might get a nosebleed, but I'm willing to risk it
    06-18-2009 06:52 PM
  10. Polyh3dron's Avatar
    My number 1 reason is that I've been waiting for my T-Mobile contract to expire before moving over to the iPhone and it finally has, and I was also waiting for the memory size to get to 32GB. Now I'm all ready. I have wanted an iPhone ever since it was first announced though and I can't WAIT.
    06-18-2009 07:20 PM
  11. FishFF's Avatar
    No sob story here for your hard working employees to have to read, I'll make this short and simple. I WANT IT!!!!!!
    06-18-2009 07:22 PM
  12. odownz's Avatar
    I am on my fourth Blackberry (the Bold) ~ I tried the Iphone 3g back in January ~ had it for 5 days and returned it ~ I am a Mac user, and that stupid little apple keeps pulling me in!

    on top of that I am also number one on Twitter for Blackberry (according to

    But I want to give the iphone another chance with this new one! Can you convert me???

    follow me on Twitter


    I might have to change my bio.....
    06-18-2009 07:22 PM
  13. brandonmartinez's Avatar
    The main reason I want the new iPhone is for the digital compass; it'd be great to use that opposed to having to buy a separate device (i.e. GPS). The whole reason I got the 3G in the first place was to eliminate my need for multiple devices!
    06-18-2009 07:24 PM
  14. tkd27's Avatar
    I got my first Gen iPhone a year and a half ago for Christmas. When I played around for a day I made a list in my head of the three things that were noticeably missing for me. When 3G came out I'd only had my first gen iPhone for six months, so I figured I'd wait on the next model in hopes it had what I wanted. My list:

    *Video recording
    *More RAM for smoother "tabbed" web browsing, plus the ability to open a link in a tab

    OS 3.0 plus 3G S satisfies all three things. (in fairness I don't know if the RAM is enough to stop from wiping out a web page a tab away from, but the rest of the stuff will make it close enough).

    So for me? It was no question that I was updating my first gen iPhone on day one (if they're not sold out - I didn't preorder )
    06-18-2009 07:24 PM
  15. mustainegab's Avatar
    The reason I want an iphone 32gb 3gs i because I gave my 16gb 2g iphone to my girlfriend and now she's having an awesome time with it and I'm stuck with an old pink motorola razr that she used to have
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    06-18-2009 07:28 PM
  16. HelloEnjoi's Avatar
    The Dramatic Story
    -18 yr old boy is looking to get his own mobile phone service (trying to be independent)
    -He is curious about Iphone, its shiny and sounds/looks awesome.
    -He walks by the Helio booth in the mall and is curious to see this "Iphone killer"
    -the sales rep tricks him into thinking the Helio Ocean can do so much more then a measly low rate Iphone.
    -Unfortunately He buys the story and accepts a 2 year contract
    -after the first year his phone starts to degrade. forced to walk around looking like the Verizon guy "can you hear me now". His phone randomly starts to freeze and cant even keep up with texting, he has to slowly type so it doesnt skip words. Its barely usable.
    -He decides to buy the Ipod Touch and falls in love with Apple. Its so simple, intuitive and beautiful.
    -A dream is born. The boy hears about a new iphone and figures hey im about 2 years with my stupid phone i should switch to ATT and upgrade my ipod touch to an Iphone 3gs.
    -He calls Helio only to find out he is 3 months away from contract end and they still want 175$ ETF! no pro-rated plan! OH THE HORROR!!!!!
    -boy crys thinking of how much it would cost to switch, his dreams are shattered, how can he go on like this?

    but wait theres hope...
    theiphoneblog has the power to turn this nightmare into a reality but will they?

    stay tuned for the stunning conclusion....

    How it went down in plain english:

    Back in November of 07 i bought myself a HELIO ocean. The Iphone was new on the block and lacked certain "standard" features. Like MMS and such. Helio decided to launch their "iphone killer" campaign to exploit the devices weakness'.
    as can be seen here.
    w w w . switched . c o m/2007/03/28/helio-ocean-smartphone-possible-iphone-killer/
    (delete the spaces, sorry)
    they were multiple blog sites and reviewers claiming the same things! At the helio booth there was even an 11x17 (vertically placed) display showing a comparison of how the ocean was CLEARLY better. i was dupped. i bought in.

    now i find myself just a few months shy of two years later. the proud owner of an IPOD Touch 2G. Im captivated by how awesome it is. I love the apps and even have it setup to sync calendars contacts, everything! the only thing its missing is phone service. But i am locked into a ridiculous contract with a phone that continually drops my calls, doesn't place them, or is impossible to hear on. on top of that a 175$ ETF (as the fee is not pro-rated) should i choose to leave them and get an iphone 3GS tommorrow.

    Now i see i should've got my original Iphone and would probably be happily upgrading to the new iphone 3gs.

    I love my Ipod Touch, i hate my phone, please upgrade me! :]
    06-18-2009 07:32 PM
  17. newsomedesign's Avatar
    iNeed an iPhone, iLove to think about how iNcredible it would be to have one....

    06-18-2009 07:41 PM
  18. Pyrochad#IM's Avatar

    I know there are a lot of people entering this contest and I would also love to try for a New Iphone.

    I would Love to get an Iphone 3gs as my first phone in a long time. I need a phone and I would love it to be the Iphone 3gs. Living for the past 6 months without a cell is killing me..LOL

    Well thank you for this chance.

    06-18-2009 07:51 PM
  19. liontron13's Avatar
    Working for AT&T has given me the opportunity to really study the iPhone 2g and 3G. I am very glad that I have waited because the 3G S is going to blow the rest out of the water. When you have patience and wait for the best, it is really worth it, especially when this device is the only thing you will need as your means of communication at really high speeds anywhere in the world.
    06-18-2009 08:04 PM
  20. ElCapitan#IM's Avatar
    Please consider me for the free iPhone. I need to reward my wife for "good" behavior.

    06-18-2009 08:08 PM
  21. Hakala's Avatar
    I want to upgrade to the iPhone 3GS because before my iPhone 3G, I had a...blackberry curve. A phone that caused me many a problem with damages and crappy video recording. (For whatever it was I recorded most of the time) and having that video capture feature back would be awesome. And who doesn't like 2-3x faster. And voice control!! Way easy to use during driving if it works like it's said to. Good luck to all! Sorry SPE for your exclusion in the contest!
    06-18-2009 08:24 PM
  22. Sol Munition's Avatar
    Some of the resons already listed are good, really good - all I got is, I bought the 1st gen iphone (4gig) for full price as a pay as you go phone for the release price(before the price drop) and have had it ever since... love the phone...didn't upgrade to 3G... and now I'll be 2 generations behind... that is no way to live as a gadget ***** - none!
    06-18-2009 08:27 PM
  23. mcdan333#AC's Avatar
    I need a 3Gs so I can pop my SIM card into my old iPhone 3G and use it as a backup phone - for instance, poolside or at the beach. Right now my "beater" phone is my old Treo 650, and let me tell you, it is a real hardship dealing with the antediluvian PalmOS 5. Not to mention embarrassing, to be seen holding that dinosaur up to my ear.
    06-18-2009 08:45 PM
  24. Hethe's Avatar
    16 gigs on my 2G machine just isn't cutting it.
    06-18-2009 08:49 PM
  25. Lamb0rgh1n1's Avatar
    I want to upgrade bexuase of the speed. To many times my3g has crashed and I hope that the 3gs can solve that problem.
    06-18-2009 09:02 PM
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