1. GProbst's Avatar
    The biggest reason for me is VIDEO! I can't tell you how many of my kids' events I have missed because I didn't bring the old "sonycam - 8 lb. monster" . It is wonderful to have this "spur-of-the-moment" recording ability. Thanks Apple!
    06-18-2009 12:20 PM
  2. fridayy#IM's Avatar
    The #1 reason for the upgrade would be the increased performance and my long awaited google maps function, upright direction in google maps!!

    06-18-2009 12:21 PM
  3. gbernier's Avatar
    An Iphone 3gs would mean the world to me although I already have an I phone 3g, nothing like keeping up with the times new techlolgy = happy Geoff
    06-18-2009 12:21 PM
  4. Zach Curren's Avatar
    There are many reasons to want to upgrade to the 3GS. My main reason is that I have come to rely on the iPhone as a one stop shop for my personal life as well as my career. I am a firefighter/paramedic and frequently use the iPhone to access our staffing computer, look up protocols, etc. However, the new functions of the 3GS (compass integration to maps) will allow me to better verify my position and directions when I am fighting wild-land fires this summer. This saves me the need for another device (separate GPS) and solves the problems that I had due to the limitations of the 3G. The 3GS would allow me to do all that I need to on one device while I do not have access to any other sort of computing device. Besides, it will be faster for be to get my TiPb updates on the go!
    06-18-2009 12:23 PM
  5. LeroyTheGreat38's Avatar
    I want an iPhone 3gS because I'm a big fan of cell phones with speed. I've always followed the iPhone with every release and had it once (during this years WWDC I was constantly updating my browser for updates on my VZ phone!) I switched to Verizon and got the LG Dare simply because my employer gets a discount with Verizon. I realize now that I don't have a problem paying the monthly bill on AT&T if that means I can have the sweetest phone on the market. I thought the Dare would be a nice phone to have. I was wrong, with it constantly turning off and on (happens at least 4 times a day.) The internet is no comparison to the iPhone. My girlfriend has an iPod touch and I'm constantly using that to browse the web instead of on my phone. The 2 things I would say the Dare had better than the iPhone was the camera, and GPS with VZNavigator. But, I don't use the camera often so it's no big deal. As for GPS, all I have to say is TomTom. If I wasn't looking for a new place and had a surgery to save up for, I wouldn't mind paying the ETF on Verizon and paying full price to switch to AT&T (I've done it before and planned on doing with the new iPhone.) That being said, I hope you pick me and I will be forever grateful to the place that got me a brand new iPhone 3gs.
    06-18-2009 12:23 PM
  6. Earless Puppy's Avatar
    The deal breaker is the auto focus camera and the Video.... Oh and being a Fanboy doesn't hurt... Apple fanboy and TiPb fanboy...

    And I'm not a 13 year old kid, I should win..... Thank you Rene
    06-18-2009 12:24 PM
  7. CloudGuy's Avatar
    It feels as if I've been searching a lifetime for my holy grail. To easily and efficiently,

    (not spending five minutes using my chunky fingers to smash keys the size of a pinhead to type-in a web address, and having a shot of espresso to stay awake while the mobile web browser loads the site, then, if lucky enough to not be presented with randomly scrambled pixels on the matchbook-sized display, locate the jeweler's grade magnifying glass to actually view the site)

    anywhere and anytime, access my information. All of it. Yes, I purchased the first available Kyocera smartphone, marking the beginning of a vicious 10 year cycle of irrational exuberance for the next great phone, and the shattered dreams (and anti-depressants) when faced with the reality of fatal flaws.

    Then I purchased the iPhone 3G. Coupled with, most notably, the google apps mobile suite and (recently) the iLastPass beta app (not yet in the app store), the phone has been a game-changer for my mobile "cloud computing" experience, both for business and leisurely pursuits. Yes, while not yet realized, the holy grail is within our sights.

    The major drawback I have with the 3G is battery life - notwithstanding the monopolistic AT&T lock-in with their pathetic network coverage, etcal . While mobile, I'm constantly navigating and updating network and screen settings to conserve power, and frequently switching-out battery extenders. With 3G and/orWiFi enabled, this still doesn't get me through a heavy day of mobile usage without having to plug-in. This is my great need for the 3G S.

    Yet, if for nothing other than principle and rectitude, I absolutely refuse to shell-out the $600 for the 3G S (I am one year into a two year contract and not yet upgrade eligible)... well, the truth is that I would have eagerly shelled-out the fins on the first day ofpre -order - were it not for my certainty that any attempt to rationalize this expenditure will be thwarted by my partner - she happens to be an attorney with a high-degree of skepticism, at least as it relates to me and my wanderlust for everything tech.

    Though I do sneak a cool gadget under the radar from time to-time (my partner is fundamentally and to her core not interested in technology - and therefore very unobservant when visiting me in the home office), I'm certain that making the argument to her for the 3G S, no matter how clever or conniving, will be met with the typical bewilderment and disapproving frown, if not outright scorn. Well, if she only had an iPhone instead of that clunky, so yesterday Blackberry, maybe she would be more sympathetic to my plight (?)

    Well, there you have it. If I don't win, I hope some other poor sap in my predicament does.
    06-18-2009 12:25 PM
  8. hotrod#AC's Avatar
    Awesome. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

    I want to upgrade my iPhone for MORE SPEED. The iPhone 3g is great don't get me wrong, but the 3GS is 2-3x faster and I want the speed. Running winterboard is sooo cool, but it SLOWS everything down. More speed please.

    Oh, and my wife will get my 3g so that will score me some points with her, which is always good.
    06-18-2009 12:26 PM
  9. ckillam3's Avatar
    Am I holding off on a purchase of my very first iPhone due to cost? Maybe. but I DO need an excuse to leave Verizon. So, I would appreaciate any help you can offer.
    06-18-2009 12:26 PM
  10. scoester's Avatar
    I got my "new" 3G one day prior to the cut off day when I could have returned it in exchange for the newer 3GS. One lousy stinking day. UGG.

    If I had known the dates I would have waited a few days to get my new phone.

    I would love the 3GS and my wife, who is now addicted to my IPHONE would love to have my old phone.

    Please let me win.

    06-18-2009 12:28 PM
  11. anto2109's Avatar
    Ok the first thing you have to know is that i'm a french student and when Apple announced the IPhone in 2007 and then they told me that i have to wait until september i thinked "No way" so i import mine right from the US and i was one of the first in Europe to have but some f*****g mad men stolen it and i've been to the emergency service because those guys broke my arm since that i've bought the 3G when he went out last summer but my girlfriend want it so badly that my accepted to change my iphone versus her blackberry storm but the sreen is really really uncool!!!! So i think i might deserve this iphone 3gs furthermore i contact one guy in my familly whos accept to transfer it to France.

    So please TiPb,
    PIMP my call!!!!
    (I want to make this Joke for a while now lol)
    06-18-2009 12:28 PM
  12. RexW's Avatar
    I just want the "s" part. I upgraded to OS 3.0 yesterday, and I already experience a noticeable amount of lag (especially flicking over to the searchlight function.
    06-18-2009 12:29 PM
  13. surrealx's Avatar
    Voice Control!!! It's kinda pointless to have a hands free setup, when you still have to look at the phone to call, etc.
    06-18-2009 12:30 PM
  14. LonerATO's Avatar
    I want the new iPhone because its hardware is better then my 3G. I cant wait to see what the devs can do with Open GL 2.0.
    06-18-2009 12:31 PM
  15. psyko825#IM's Avatar
    i want to upgrade for the speed, plain and simple.
    06-18-2009 12:33 PM
  16. yosproc's Avatar
    I want(need) the iPhone 3GS for the video functionality.

    I have a son that plays a game called NeoPets vs. AlienPredators.

    I must be able to video tape this in order to share it with his future girlfriends. I am completely fine with him dating once he has finished college and is established in his career so such video should aid in his future success!

    Thank you for the consideration!
    06-18-2009 12:33 PM
  17. youjustgotflipped's Avatar
    On June 29th, 2007, my boss at the time gave me a special assignment. It was an easy one to. I had to go to the At&t store at 3 in the morning in a Tiny town called Sonora, in California, just to save him a spot for this thing called IPHONE. When he finally got the phone, he let me play with it for a while, and I was STUNNED at how amazing it was. Well, its been 2 years since that moment has changed my life, and the Iphone keeps getting better and better, but now I have to admit the heartbreaking truth, I dont have an Iphone. I am a young guy, who is living paycheck to paycheck stuck in a contract with Verizon, I cant afford to break the contract, and I cant afford to get a new phone. But I will be out of that contract soon, and It would truly be a blessing if I were to win this Iphone, and then maybe, FINALLY, I can join this elusive club that I have been dying to be apart of for 1 year 11 months and 19 days. Thank you, Phillip
    06-18-2009 12:34 PM
  18. tx76mike's Avatar
    I have always been an early adopter -- Speed (#1 reason), Video/Cam Resolution, Batt life and extra storage are worth the upgrade! (specially if I get it through TiPb!)
    06-18-2009 12:34 PM
  19. YoSoyJu's Avatar
    The number one reason I want an iPhone upgrade is the Auto Focus camera. The iPhone is my only digital camera, and I love taking pictures of my surroundings.
    06-18-2009 12:37 PM
  20. shagrath5's Avatar
    I had my iPhone 3G for half-a-year and enjoyed it greatly. Until several weeks ago. I was on an above-ground subway station here in Brooklyn,NY when through some evil play of fate I dropped the device onto the tracks. I know that I can ask a subway attendant to get it for me instead of going on the tracks myself, but not having noticed my beloved iPhone on the tracks I realized that it fell through onto the street below. It brought me great pain to see what was left of the device when I got downstairs and found it.

    So these few weeks I have been using my old phone, Sony Eriksson Walkman. I can't describe how it feels to step down from using an iPhone to a regular phone. Having just moved to a new apartment and burdened with serious debt, everything all of a sudden is a luxury- so I don't foresee being able to afford a new iphone for the next several months.

    I'm hoping to get a new iPhone and get rid of this stone age Sony Eriksson device. Thank you for giving me a chance.
    06-18-2009 12:38 PM
  21. MeiMei's Avatar
    After playing with my bf's iPhone and loving it, I still spent $400 purchasing the Bold on release day. I have regretted that ever since. Now it is time to correct my mistake (and weakness) by getting the iPhone 3G S.
    06-18-2009 12:43 PM
  22. imthetalkofny's Avatar
    This would be my first iPhon!! I currently have a BlackBerry Storm and I am completely upset with what this phone has to offer. Complete lag machine. (TRASH). I had an iPod touch until it broke and things havent been the same since then. I put my Storm up for sale on Ebay and it just sold and I want to switch over to AT&T to get this new iphone 3G S. This is what a real super phone should look like. Please consider granting my wishes of having a great phone for once. Thanks everyone.
    06-18-2009 12:46 PM
  23. mchoudhry2k's Avatar
    I would like a 3GS for better performance on all the $9.99 games I have bought that seem to crash every so often or not perform very well Plus the 32GB of Storage will be great I have about 80GB of music and videos and would like to at least have almost half of my Music and Video with me. Plus I can then have space for most of MY stuff rather than my wifes

    I wish I had grander plans for it like say PR0N! But alas I do not
    06-18-2009 12:48 PM
  24. anon(448050)'s Avatar
    Because I watched the videos of the 3GS loading against the 3G and now I'm jealous.
    06-18-2009 12:49 PM
  25. CmooreInOr's Avatar
    Look I love my 3g and 3.0 but after seeing the 3gs in action it looks sooooo sooth and sexy fast..... it is probably just my inability to not have the newest thing, its my weakness I must have new gadgets..... I am trying to resist the 3gs because I know iPhone 4.0 will be HUGE. But if I get a free one I will take it . Anyways love your site... check it everyday for my iphone news. Its my crack.

    06-18-2009 12:50 PM
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