1. desjones4ever's Avatar
    I will be upgrading simply because Apple is going completely left while everyone else is going right in the cell phone market. Instead of just making a new shiny device like most people just want anyway, they are making a better device. Taking the time to develop a device that stays simple but does everything you need it to do. Its amazing to watch companies scramble to try and ride this wave and come out with look a likes, or copies claiming to be the next big thing while the iPhone is just continuing to find ways to deepen themselves inside the market they built neverminding what someone else is doing. I have the 3G and Im happy with it but now its better. Do I honestly need another device? No. But this device still intrigues me like the first time I saw it in 2007, but I wasnt sure. I had a BB at that time and I was constantly going to the ATT playing with it. Since I took the jump and brought the 3G I have not turned back since. I will admit to have looked at others(especially the Pre), but I'm still here. I still pick up my device and look at it like its still brand new. Got to love that!
    06-18-2009 12:35 PM
  2. kritter217's Avatar
    You know what? I am going to be honest with myself and all of you in forum land - I just want it because it is flat out COOL! The video is cool, the better camera is cool, the faster speed is cool! The larger memory capacity is cool. That's the bottom line. Yep, I am a techno-Geek...
    06-18-2009 12:35 PM
  3. yossarian#IM's Avatar
    I'd love to say it's all the new specs -- the faster proc, additional memory, video, af camera, etc. -- or even the fast internet capabilities (this will be my first smart phone), but to be truly honest...

    I'm getting an iPhone 3G[s] for Flight Control.

    I've been playing it on my friends' iPhones lately, and it's like heroin in digital form. They should put some sort of warning label on it, such as "Warning: Flight Control has been known to cause a significant degradation to a player's social life."

    But yeah, too, it's the specs. ; )
    06-18-2009 12:36 PM
  4. CelebrityOasis's Avatar
    I would like to make this my first iPhone for so many reasons. My current cell phone should be considered outdated. It is a Sanyo flip phone from about 2005. It has an antenna, no games, no music and no camera. Because of this, I haven't been able to use my cell phone the way most people around me do. So for me, having an iPhone 3G S would mean having what everyone else has...and then some!
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    06-18-2009 12:38 PM
  5. gibhyder's Avatar
    I want to upgrade as I currently have the 8 gb iPhone 3G. I could really use the longer battery life, and the video camera would be nice. I really want the digital compass because I am Muslim and need to pray 5 times a day facing Mecca, and that would allow me to not have to carry around another compass. I'm also looking forward to the ability of Nike+ since I am a runner. Also, 8gb fills up really fast when you are carrying audio and video and the added space would be greatly appreciated.
    06-18-2009 12:39 PM
  6. Rocsolid04's Avatar
    the only reason i want to upgrade is video/voice control/baterry life.the video is in high quality wich i heard.the voice control recognizes the names in your Contacts and knows the songs on your iPod wich is really creative.On the current iPhone 3g, sometimes the battery life goes out a little quick, depends on what u doing like surfing safari or watever else.
    06-18-2009 12:39 PM
  7. AdTheGreat's Avatar
    My iPhone 3g LCD screen shattered into thousands of piece in late January 2009. Since I'm a struggling college student I haven't had the money to replace it for awhile. I don't even tell people I have a iPhone anymore because whats the beauty of bragging that you have an iPhone without getting to use all it features? :o I don't download applications anymore because its impossible to enjoy it with the screen looking like someone just shot my phone. I can't even remember the last time I use my iPhone to do anything besides call someone.

    I want to feel the joy of having a FULLY functioning iPhone again. I want to be able to slide my finger on the LCD without having to worry if glass is going to get caught in my finger.

    I heard about the 3.0 update but Im not even going to bother installing it into my piece of crap! It not like I would be able to see its awesome improvements
    06-18-2009 12:39 PM
  8. Leonid's Avatar
    The iPhone 3GS will be my first iPhone.
    There are many reasons for buying the iphone now:
    - Video camera
    - Hardware Upgrade
    - MMS
    - Tethering

    The bad fact is the binding to an telecommunication provider.
    06-18-2009 12:41 PM
  9. stuartog11's Avatar
    I am looking to upgrade mostly because of the video, I always have been leary of jailbreaking. So now I can finally get video!
    06-18-2009 12:45 PM
  10. .X.'s Avatar
    A quick story; when the original iPhone was coming out I saved like crazy to be able to pay the $600 for one. When they came out I grabbed my cash and went to buy it. My wife and kids decided to come along for the ride. While I was waiting in line at the store my wife decided to play with the iPhone they had on display and by the time I got to the front of the line she had made up her mind that if I was getting one she wanted one to. I didnt have that kind of cash so I didnt get one. I set that money aside and started to save again. When the 3G came I told my wife I was going to buy them for use. She then decided she would just like her half of the money to buy clothes. So she bought new clothes and I got an iPhone 3G. A couple days later she wants an iPhone. So now its a year and she still wants one and tries to steal mine all the time. I would love to get the new 3Gs and give her my 3G. Please help
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    06-18-2009 12:46 PM
  11. arulk's Avatar
    I have an iPhone 3G and would like to get a 3G S for the speed and the video capabilities.

    06-18-2009 12:47 PM
  12. sdoberei's Avatar
    I'm hoping to win an upgrade to keep me from getting a divorce :-) If I spend the money to get the new phone, marriage is probably over. I really want the video feature, I have a grandson that I'd love to video anytime I'm with him without having to carry a separate video recorder! You never get these days back.
    06-18-2009 12:47 PM
  13. blane64's Avatar
    I need an upgrade from my slow (Edge) BB 8310, and I have found that I am using my phone more an an online device than a telephone. I need a bigger screen, more apps, and faster access to the internets....
    06-18-2009 12:50 PM
  14. cly's Avatar
    The reason i want to upgrade to iPhone 3G's because :
    1. It has better speed processor ... 256MB of RAM (wow..)
    2. The new camera can capture video (30 frame per second) with auto focus

    The new iPhone 3G's is EVERYTHING ON ONE HAND
    06-18-2009 12:51 PM
  15. zipdab's Avatar
    Been forced to use a Blackberry at work and am excited that we can finally choose the iPhone...
    06-18-2009 12:51 PM
  16. DerBoss's Avatar
    I've bought a second-hand iphone 2g and the problem is the poor audio quality.
    Music or Conversations are distorted, no matter on what volume.
    there is always a noise in the background, so I'm not listening to music anymore on my iphone.
    and callers complain about the bad audio quality, so i always have to speak into the microphone, so they can understand what I'm saying.

    seems that the audio-processor(?) is broken or something like that

    So I'm hoping for a new one
    06-18-2009 12:52 PM
  17. timebomb16's Avatar
    My number one reason . . . well there's the speed thats a nice bonus but not my personal reason. Then there's the battery life, which isn't all that much better than the 3G. Storage is a nice plus, but as of now i still have an iPod video so having all my music with me isn't a problem. I'd say my number one reason for upgrading is the video capabilities . . . you see my aunt is getting married soon and i would like to be able to capture all the best moments on a phone that's always with me. I'm also an aspiring video editor so that would be a nice option considering I don't have enough cash for an actual video camera.

    My reasons are a little more personal and sentimental than most, but hey it's a device that i keep with me at all times so of course my reason for upgrading would be to capture all the amazing moments that life throws at me.
    06-18-2009 12:54 PM
  18. dbogus1's Avatar
    I'd like to get the upgrade for the speed (gaming and otherwise) and the video. Oh, and did I mention more speed?
    06-18-2009 12:55 PM
  19. ineville's Avatar
    I have been collecting free apps in anticipation of getting my first iPhone. I would really like to see if the iPhone is all that I think it is! With all the great and awesome features I have heard about on the iPhone Blog I just cannot wait any longer.
    06-18-2009 12:55 PM
  20. Falcon-'s Avatar
    Because OS 3.0 finally has a legitimate landscape keyboard in all of the main apps now. I don't have huge fingers, but I just can't handle that tiny, portrait full qwerty keyboard.

    ...I also want one because I'm a gadget addict.
    06-18-2009 12:55 PM
  21. twitleedum's Avatar
    Well, i've been wanting the iPhone since it first came out, but i've never had the funds to purchase it. So, i've had my sister's blackjack for the past year (which i lost yesterday at work) and before that a razr (my first phone, which i'm currently using again). So yeah, i want the iPhone because i'm the biggest Apple fan, i've always wanted it, and i need a new phone. lol
    06-18-2009 12:57 PM
  22. cincodemayo1's Avatar
    In June of 2007, I waited in line for over 10 hours for the very first iPhone. $1400 later (I had to get the 8GB naturally, and I picked up one for my father as a gift as well) I finally got the phones. I was so in love with my phone, I convinced the rest of my family to get one as well as numerous friends and coworkers.

    In July of 2008, I waited in line for 3 hours at an AT&T store until they sold out...I was literally NEXT in line to get one, had they had one to give me. I hurried over to an Apple Store, stood in line from about 11am - 7pm, until they sold out. I got up bright and early the next morning, headed back to the same store and finally got my iPhone 3G. $800 later (I had to get the 16GB in white naturally, and upgraded my father as well) I finally got the phones.

    If I had my way, I'd be standing in line tomorrow morning, but since I upgraded the day the 3G came out, I'm not eligible for an upgrade from AT&T tomorrow and will have to wait until March 2010 to upgrade. BS. I want my 3GS!

    Since owning an iPhone, I've convinced about 16 out of the 60 people I work with to get one. We now outnumber Blackberry's, and our IT department was convinced into allowing us to receive work email (not an easy task...we're PC based and the IT peeps rarely budge on anything Mac related). I've also convinced my entire family to upgrade their 1st generation for the 3G.

    I'm sure many people have similar stories, but it seems like I spend almost all my hard earned cash on Apple products. I could tell you about all the Macs I've purchased, but I'll save that for later.

    Anyway, that's why I deserve the 3GS. I'm a graphic designer who travels to Miami every few weeks, and I literally live on my iPhone. I've never enjoyed a phone more and will do ANYTHING for the new one, except pay the ridiculous prices set by AT&T. I know it's not really that ridiculous, and I understand why the prices are what they are, but after dropping this much cash on a phone, you think they'd be a little grateful, especially since they'll be locking me in to yet another 2-year contract. At this rate I'll be with AT&T til 2024.

    Oh, and on top of all of this, I natually have sweaty hands and I'm constantly wiping my 3G on my sleeve to clean the screen. It sucks! Oh, how I dream of an iPhone where smudges don't show up on the screen...

    06-18-2009 12:58 PM
  23. applediscordia's Avatar
    I want to get an iPhone 3G S because I have alwayus carried to many devices. Right now I have an LG ENV2 and a 16gb iPod touch and I've had many different devices over the years.

    Before I got my iPod touch back on Valentine's day I used my ENV as an mp3 player since I was trying to not carry as many devices. That Epicly failed. I had so many songs on itunes from my old iPod video (may it rest in peace) and I couldn't listen to anyof them unless it was on my computer.

    So my fiance bought me my iPod touch and I fell in love, with the iPod since I was already in love with him. I downloaded even more songs and apps, apps were the best. I have everything I like on my iPod right no and it is my favorite device and my phone has taken a back seat, I've missed so many phone calls and texts because of my iPod.

    Getting the iPod also means that I will fianlyy have some indipendance from my parents. I've had a phone on their plan for the longest time and if I get the iPhone I will be going on a plan with my fiance, we're getting married next year and this was a nessecary step.

    This will be possibly the best phone I will ever have! I'll have all the apps and music from my ipod, The only person I'll have to answer to for the bill is me, I'll be able to find it without haveing someone call it, I'll have one less item clogging up my purse, plus I really want it!!

    When I heard about the first iPhone I thought I'd never have something like it. I guess you can blame my fiance for planting the seed with the iPod touch. It still kind of blows my mind that I will have a device that is everything in one. I'll be able to surf the web, listen to my music, keep track of my calendar, play games, know where I am and give better directions (please always come into walgreens and as me directions), and so many more things. It would make my life so much easier. I know I'm going to get it sooner or later but I just don't know when. I went to pre-order it and I couldn't because I didn't have the money. I justy can't wait to finally have one.
    06-18-2009 12:59 PM
  24. lostdog's Avatar
    Since I have to pick one reason, I'm going with video recording. The thing that makes this so key is that the YouTube app now allows you to login and upload videos. Then just link your YouTube account to your Facebook account and you're set!
    06-18-2009 12:59 PM
  25. Sisyphus's Avatar
    I want to get an iPhone 3GS because I'm going to college next year, and it's in a city. I've never been to a real true city for any length of time by myself (I guess Winchester, VA doesn't count!) and I really, really don't want to be the bumpkin that gets lost. :/ I want to spend my time enjoying college, not figuring out how to get around!
    06-18-2009 01:00 PM
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