1. alawson84's Avatar
    I've heard a lot about the speed of the 3G s but nothing about if Apple put a better 3G radio inside the phone. My biggest issue with my iPhone 3G is that the 3G signal would fade in and out in part to the lousy 3G radio Apple put in it and also in part to ATT's lousy 3G network. Any help would be great. Thanks.
    06-11-2009 10:57 AM
  2. Coffeeman's Avatar
    I doubt it. My belief is that the lousy reception is mostly due to AT&T's lousy network.
    06-11-2009 12:57 PM
  3. jamesus's Avatar
    I don't understand why you guys think AT&T has such a lousy network, coming from someone who had sprint for a long time, AT&T never lets me down...
    All depends on where you use it...I've had both and both have been great at times and terrible at others...
    06-11-2009 01:44 PM
  4. Casper TFG's Avatar
    Please god let it work in my house on o2 in the UK.
    06-11-2009 06:03 PM
  5. Jeremy's Avatar
    Many complain about AT&T yet I have had ZERO issues with their service for the past two years when I purchased my first iPhone. No complaints here.
    06-11-2009 06:37 PM
  6. alawson84's Avatar
    What I was talking about in regards to 3G reception was the fact that I can be in one place without moving and my phone current iPhone 3G will constantly switch back and forth from 3G to E. I think that has to do with the 3G radio in the iPhone so that was why I was hoping that the 3G s would have a better/faster one. Thanks for the comments.
    06-11-2009 08:57 PM
  7. smileyboy's Avatar
    I can attest to that. My ATT service has been good in my area. I just want MMS AND TETHERING YESTERDAY
    06-11-2009 11:22 PM
  8. OmariJames's Avatar

    I just took this test.

    I'm sure it will be faster by the end of the year.
    06-12-2009 12:08 AM
  9. chobbs1's Avatar
    I like AT&T too. I must live in a good area. but I have not used their 3G network I stuck with the 1st gen phone till now.
    06-12-2009 04:57 AM