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    I've had one or two resets due to crappy apps via the app store but that's about it. Otherwise, it's worked perfectly out of the box and iTunes/AppStore has been seamless & flawless in functioning for me. Yes, battery life sucks and only Apple is so arrogant as to use a non user-replaceable battery (sad thing is they get away with it). 3G sucks and is worthless IMHO but I blame that more on AT&T than Apple at this point. But I'm keeping mine and waiting for 2.1.
    Battery life is on par and better than most 3g WM devices so you really can't complain about it IMO. And trust me you don't want a user replaceable battery... so you can make the phone bigger with a extended door? Or how about a garbage flimsy extended door for all the 3rd party companies out there? And if you've ever bought a Seidio extended battery and door you know what I'm talking about. The quality is just not there. They get creeky and are just flat out flimsy - even the colors don't match half the time. Rant over. Have a charger in the car or at your desk.
    08-05-2008 09:17 AM
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    Funny how Apple fan boys bash windows while the beloved iPhone's OS is worse. I totally agree with your evaluation of the iphone. I previously posted my horrible experience during an emergency when the Iphone just locked up during calls. I now carry a Razr to use as a phone.

    The solution: buy the new Blackberry Thunder.
    I was eating my salad when i read this and spit some of it up on my desk laughing....

    Soooooo has anyone seen the web browser on the Thunder?

    HAHAHAHAHA woooooow good times!

    yeah let's all move and switch over to THAT!... woohooo!!

    /Sarcasim off
    08-06-2008 10:41 AM
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    Dieter & Mike,
    Thanks for the comments and recognizing my concerns on your PodCast.

    I do think you are missing the crux of the issue. And that is stability. 1st and foremost, this is a phone. It is secondarily a computer. When the IPhone reboots or freezes or you have to re-install the Op system, that should be the 1st sign of SERIOUS problems. Cell phones are a necessity. Reliability a must.

    My response to other postings:

    For those of you who say "Gee, 'I' don't have a problem", doesn't mean there aren't problems. I don't know if you are just using your IPhone as JUST a phone or are you using all the capabilities. I am a hard core user. I make the most of my hardware. So just because YOU dont ahve a problem, doesn't mean all is well. If you look at this Blog as well as other's, you'd know that there are major issues.

    For those of you who asked y I bought the IPhone if I don't like it. Well, first of all, that is a lousy response to major problems. NOt a way to sell a product. Not a way to make things better. My issues are EVERYONE'S issues. Having a protected Operating System, or verifying a backup, these should be taken by Apple as constructive criticisms. By saying, "Why did you buy the IPhone" is not a useful statement. As least I am venting and Apple will know what their customers think. I DO LOVE the interface. I DO LOVE 3G and GPS. I don't mention those positives because that is what is expected. I don't compliment stuff that is part of the package. I complain about stuff that should never happen.

    You know, until now, I have been using a Motorola A1000 (bought it in Hong Kong 3.5 years ago). It uses Symbian. I have to tell you, there were PLENTY of Apps to buy/use. It did crash on occasion. I NEVER ONCE had to re-install anything. Never lost any data. All i had to do on a crash was to pull the battery out and put it back in. And you know what? It is still reliable to this day. Why I upgraded is because it was time and I wanted GPS and 3G. but it was a hell of a phone and great apps. And TOUCH SCREEN to boot!!

    I DO have to say that my IPhone is fine from the hardware perspective (contrary with what people think, that I just bought a lemon). All the problems I have seen are the same thing others are have seen.

    I MUST say that version 2.01 of the IPhone Op system is more stable. Although I did have a problem with all my apps crashing again. I had to re-install, but YEAH!!! The last backup DID work fine so I didn't lose information. I think this issue has to do with the IPhone App store. I was trying to do get some apps via the IPhone App store and after that, the apps no longer worked. I hear it is some permissions problem..

    So, there has been improvement in 2.01. I am sure there will be more. But please don't tell me to buy another phone. That is not the solution. If it was, then Apple would not have sold millions of phones.
    08-11-2008 07:49 PM
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