1. BaLLi5t1c's Avatar
    Does it not come with a docking station? I saw the frontpage review of the dock and I was just curious as to whether or not the device could be synced with iTunes out of the box? Forgive my ignorance. I'd like to think I'm somewhat knowledgeable about the capabilities of the device and what I'm getting myself in for but I haven't spent much time researching the actually hardware/accessories (besides protective cases/covers).
    07-11-2008 12:42 PM
  2. burnsaa's Avatar
    Nope it doesnt come with a docking station like the original did but you can still connect it to itunes. Its power cord is just a usb cord that can be plugged into either the power adapter or a computer.
    07-11-2008 12:55 PM
  3. BaLLi5t1c's Avatar
    Gotcha, that's all I was really concerned with. Is the docking station more for charging the device while maintaining a view of it while on your desk (i.e. watching a movie)?
    07-11-2008 02:01 PM
  4. supermum's Avatar
    Some think it is aesthetically pleasing... and I am sure there are other reasons. I have plenty of electronics with docks and I never use the docks. I'm not sure why.
    If you want a dock, they are $30 but you don't NEED one.
    07-11-2008 03:58 PM