1. KelseyRo4's Avatar
    I’m actually considering getting the SE just for this because I wear a mask all day and in general I always preferred the Touch ID over the Face ID, but the mask is putting me over the edge. Can anyone else relate? Also, please let’s not get political on this subject re: mask wearing. Thanks
    09-13-2021 05:29 AM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    09-13-2021 08:47 AM
  3. gnirkatto's Avatar
    alternatively, you could consider an Apple watch, which allows for unlocking the iphone while you wear a mask.
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    09-13-2021 09:04 AM
  4. Mr Segundus's Avatar
    Yes, I miss it very much whenever I use my wallet in the Target app. Also, mask wearing should never ever be political.
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    09-13-2021 10:25 AM
  5. Annie_M's Avatar
    I’m still getting used to the Touch ID sensor on my new iPad Air 4! I’ve gotten so used to FaceID that it seems a step backward! I’m really surprised by this because I once swore that I would never like FaceID!
    09-13-2021 10:31 AM
  6. Mars20's Avatar
    I won’t miss it when I upgrade in the near future. My Touch ID never seemed to work more than a few times despite entering my prints a number of times - possibly because I have dry hands. Can’t wait to have face recognition on my new iPhone!
    09-13-2021 10:38 AM
  7. xanadome's Avatar
    First of all, Apple or any of their devices are never authorized to use my face, which is copyrighted in Hollywood.
    I did use face ID for a short period in the early days of X but never get used to it (besides above reason). Touch ID worked every single time without fail (in my case). I guess it's partly because of the way I use a mobile phone. Almost 80% of the time, I use it as a wallet (ApplePay and many other store cards, and some digital ID's) in retail store front (Canada). I do carry a real wallet with various cards inside but I seldom, if ever, had to pull it out. I did not like touching dirty bills anyway. Then, pandemic happened and it is even more useful. Yes, anyone can argue face ID is just as much, or even more convenient for the wallet purpose. Perhaps. But It's Just_Me who prefer touch ID because I got used to it over the years and it seems more natural and secure to simply press the button to pay. I have nothing to criticize people who use face ID. Apple made a big deal on the security level of face vs. touch ID when promoting X. But there are many security holes or weak links in any device and be it 1million times or half a million times more secure is an artificial Apple sales talk and futile argument. Otherwise, I use my phone mostly for "checking & reading" emails, texts, and occasional (very rarely) phone calls. Except returning short and quikc responses to text mssgs, I normally author responses to email etc on desktop or laptop anyway (YMMV). As far as the functions of both ID methods are concerned, both are useful and I believe it is just a matter of accustomedness and preference. The way I use, a mobile phone is not a treasured toy to me, and utility is the only thing I am interested in. I happened to be biased toward touch ID, combined with the fondness of smaller device. Well the SE's are the only available (and excellent) choice for me now anyway.
    09-13-2021 01:05 PM
  8. o4liberty's Avatar
    Face id is the best IMO never go back in time.
    09-13-2021 02:00 PM
  9. Ed7789's Avatar
    I personally prefer Face ID. It makes using Siri hands free while driving so much more seamless. By the time Siri understands what I said, the phone is unlocked and it is able to process my whey (e.g.: What’s my schedule for tomorrow?)

    Also, I find Face ID more reliable, by about 5%. Touch ID was just slightly less reliable because of the angles that I touched the sensor.

    This said, if they removed Face ID and moved the product line to Touch ID, I would not cry over it.
    09-13-2021 02:04 PM
  10. C6TX6's Avatar
    Big NO to in screen FP scanners!
    They really limit your choice of screen protectors for starters.
    If they ever put a FP scanner on future iPhones I'd suspect it would be on the side, integrated into a button.
    I have a Galaxy Fold 3 that uses one of these and it's fast and accurate once you get used to it.
    FaceID is fine but masks and shades do cause issues.
    Apple Watch unlock is a nice addition but I'm finding it to not always be reliable either.
    None of these inconveniences are deal breakers. You can always use your PIN.
    Yesterday 06:12 AM
  11. theKHMERboy's Avatar
    I sometimes do miss the fingerprint scanner just because I felt it was more accurate then the Face ID when it comes to detecting.
    Yesterday 06:15 AM
  12. ksassy's Avatar
    I’m use to Face ID but also Touch ID on my iPad Mini 5 is familiar like an old hat so it’s easy for me to transition between both.
    Yesterday 07:42 AM

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