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    I've only had this case for a few minutes, and I'm already very impressed.

    [Video removed]

    -The case feels very rugged for 18.98
    -It does not impede the sound from the phone (very important with this phone because of its impressive surround-sound feeling audio)
    -Buttons on the side are easy to feel, it is very obvious when you have pressed a button.
    -The kickstand feels about as sturdy as for any phone case I have used, though if any part of this case breaks, I expect it will be the kickstand due to fatigue (I watch videos on my phone very frequently.)
    -The sides of the case are very easy to grip because of the rubber ridges on it, but it isn't difficult to put in a pocket or take it out.
    -The cameras are deeply recessed below flush-level with the back of the case. This will help prevent damage from dropping, throwing, or putting in the same pocket as something else (which was the reason I had to replace my previous phone).

    Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with this case, and especially with the value. Most cases I saw in retail stores (Otterbox and other brands) had fewer features (no kickstand, hard to grip) and were in the $50-$60 price range.

    I recommend this to anyone with an iPhone XR / 11, it is 18.98 and better than otterbox 69.98
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    09-15-2019 08:46 PM

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