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    I’m some what of a phone junkie. I’ve flipped back and forth from Android to iOS over the years. My last iPhone was an 8 Plus a few years back. Since then I’ve gone through and S9, OnePlus 6T, Pixel 3A and a Note 9. My daughter wanted a new phone for her birthday. So off to the Apple store we went. Apple stores have a unique smell to them. At least to me. I can find them sometimes by following the smell. Anyway my phone addiction was triggered when we walked into the store. A few days later I walked out with two 11 Pro Maxes. One for me and one for my wife.

    One of my main issues with iOS is all the damn apps are on the screen. With Android only the apps you want are on the home screen. The rest are hidden in an app drawer. For some reason I had no backups on iCloud from the two years I spent on iOS before I switched back. Which caused me to start with a clean phone. Which was a good thing as I just loaded the apps I would use. And then I spent the time to organize them into folders. I mostly use the search function to find the apps.

    So far so good. My only glitch was on two of my contacts I wasn’t getting text messages from them. They are android users. Google pusher out their Rich communication Service, androids iMessage, not too long ago. I had noticed on one of the contacts the ... indicating he was replying to my message the day before I was switching to back to iOS. I didn’t think anything of it. I sent a message to him and his wife. From my new iPhone. And the response from them was on my Note 9. Not the iPhone. I reset my carrier services as one google search said to do. My son uses my old S9 and there’s not an issue with him. Anyone else have that issue?

    To me android and iOS are just about the same. Android 10 uses the same gestures as iOS. I don’t know who copied who. iOS tends to have more features in the long presses. Android has actual widgets. I do miss seeing my emails on one of the home screens without having to open the app or swipe down the notification tray. Face ID is super fast to unlock. I do wish I could change the notification tray to the right side swipe down vs the left as in right handed and usually hold the phone with my right hand thus making the reach to the left side to check the notifications a stretch. Androids are easier to make ringtones on but now my phone is on silent vibrate mode all the time. I want zero sounds coming from the phone. And all my music is on the clouds now so expandable storage isn’t as useful.

    Both OSs have pretty much duplicated each other over the years. It’s a six of one, half a dozen of another kind of thing. Apple designed are uniform across the board. And you get updates for a long time. Unless you’re on a Pixel, you’ll likely be left in the cold waiting in the next Android version. OnePlus is almost as good as Pixel. But after three years Google and OnePlus won’t push new updates to them. One thing this iPhone has over the Note 9 is performance. My Note lagged at times. Not the 11 Pro Max. This bad boy is fast. And I expect it to stay fast for a long time to come.

    My major pet peeve of iOS was solved when I spent the time to organize my apps into folders. It helps that iOS allows multiple pages of apps in each folder. Deciding what apps to group together and the name for the group was the most time consuming part of the process. I see a widget function and a shortcut app. Not sure what widgets will do nor shortcuts. That’s some of my homework to figure it out. Ohh and battery life is awesome. Charged it up before I went to bed last night and I’m still going strong. I’m in the red but it’s over 24 hours since I’ve charged it.

    I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year. May 2020 be your absolute best year yet.
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    12-27-2019 11:48 PM
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    Yeah, I'm on a Note10+ right now ant it lags sometimes, too. It's impressive how this never happens with my old iPhone X, which I still use as my secondary device. But this, I think, have to do with Samsung's UI, as my OnePlus 6T never lagged during the year I had it. OneUI is much improved, that's right, but that's still a long way ahead in order to become lag-free.
    12-28-2019 05:20 AM
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    True about the OneUI. Mine never lagged. But the camera isn’t up to the levels of iPhones. That’s the thing about android. No one phone has it all. Samsungs have great cameras, screens and build but are slow to roll out new versions of Android, loaded with bloatware and get laggy over time. OnePlus, no lag and fast updates, cameras are so so older models screens aren’t so great. Pixels have cameras and updates covered yet screens aren’t as good as Samsung’s but improving. The 11 Pro Max has it all. Screen, cameras, updates and build. The base model 11 will sell like hot cakes. The vast majority of the public isn’t into to all the tech specs like we are here. They’ll see a iPhone for $700 in all these different colors and pick one up and never notice the sub par screen. They’ll happily go on their way snapping great pics and then finding night mode and be a joyous as a pig in slop. The rumors of Apples demise of not too long ago are greatly exaggerated.
    12-28-2019 09:41 AM
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    Actually,  was not in a great shape two years ago. They needed, first, to change their design with X and, then, make cheaper iPhones that could compare in specs with the pricier ones, which they did this year. Only then they began to thrive again. I’m waiting for a SE real successor to buy to my wife. If it doesn’t appear until February, I’ll buy her a normal 11 and that’s it. Now that’s possible. Two years ago it wasn’t, because of this she is still using her old iPhone SE...

    And, for myself, I’ll only buy a new iPhone when a new design came out. Until then, I’m more than happy with my sometimes laggy Note10+
    12-28-2019 02:23 PM

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