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    I have a 5S iphone and also a mini ipad. Usually if I get a txt on one of them I get it on then other too. But since Wednesday, what I have received on the phone has not been coming in on the pad. Now tonight it reversed. I have also not been able to send on the pad. Everything else is working, except on the pad a cresent moon is showing and nighttime is not abled. Also would llike to know if I should have the same icloud address and password on both.
    03-27-2016 01:39 AM
  2. bzeroh56's Avatar
    I believe you need to sign in to both with the same apple account, and use the same icloud address if that's what you're sending texts with. On your computer in itunes i'm pretty sure you can add devices to your account. Try some of that, it might help but i'm not 100%. Good luck!

    Also, by the crescent moon do you mean Do Not Disturb? If you turn off Do Not Disturb in the settings then you will be able to get notifications for texts. Although your problem might not be the Do Not Disturb if you're not receiving texts entirely. Not receiving texts sounds like you are signed into a different messaging account on your ipad. To change that go into Settings -> Messages -> Send & Receive then change the apple id so its the same as your phone and make the "You can be reached by message at" the same as your phone and "start new conversations from" the same as your phone.
    03-27-2016 03:40 AM

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