1. JoyfullJuneBug's Avatar
    How to I get my iPad to give me connection code for my Bluetooth keyboard? Every time turn it off and go to use it again I have to force the iPad to forget the device and re-pair it to the iPad again and again. Anybody have a solution to this problem?
    01-07-2016 02:01 PM
  2. JoyfullJuneBug's Avatar
    I'm using iOS 9
    01-07-2016 04:30 PM
  3. Tien HQ's Avatar
    Pls refer to your keyboard manual, I got the the same issue with one Bluetooth headset for iPhone 6, device must be forced to forget every time I need them get connected back again.

    May I know your Bluetooth keyboard model?

    Best regards from Vietnam
    01-11-2016 06:04 PM

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