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    I'm having problems playing videos from my computer on my iPad 2 over a home wifi network (using 5GHz N network). The iPad is on iOS 9 but never should have left iOS 7 as every update since then makes it crawl.

    I am using a file manager (Remote Media Manager) to access and play the video from the PC but it is VERY choppy. Sometimes/Rarely the audio will be smooth and the video gets choppy but the majority of the time the audio and video are both choppy and unwatchable. The videos are mp4 which shouldn't be an issue. I can play them perfectly fine on an IPhone 6s (also using Remote Media Manager) and Android devices (Nexus 5 & 6 using ES File Explorer) so something is wrong with the iPad.

    I just tested a movie that was downloaded from ITunes and it is choppy as well (had no issues on iOS 8) but not near as bad (still watchable). Also, if I download the video from the PC onto the iPad it is just as choppy as if I were accessing over the WiFi network(unwatchable). I'm assuming the iTunes video plays better since it is a smaller file but there is no reason it shouldn't play both with ease. I'm wondering if it is a RAM issue.

    The iPad can stream videos from the internet perfectly fine (ie. Netflix, HGTV, DIY, etc.).

    I have reset the iPad multiple times in a row and tested it fresh without restoring a backup and still have the same issue.

    Maybe the issue is that the entire system is slow due the software? I wish there were a way to go back to iOS 7.

    Does anyone have any solutions or could lead me in the right direction? I've researched to no end and have found nothing to solve this problem.
    10-16-2015 12:16 AM

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