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    Hey guys I've just gotten my first iPad and I'm absolutely loving it. I'm an android girl but after seeing how great the battery is on my mums I had to get my own mini for university. I couldn't go back to android tablets now, it's great not fiddling around to set up your home screens but there's a few features that I'm not sure how to work around.

    On android you simply open a video and as it plays in the window you can hold down on it until a toast box pops up saying save video but I can't find any type of option like that on my iPad. What I'm trying to do is download my lectures which the tutor kindly records so we don't have to from halfway across the room. I can do this from my computer and my android phone but on my iPad I only have the option to play the video or pause it. I'd ideally like to be able to do this on my iPad directly too instead of having to sync to iTunes each day

    I'm using chrome atm as it syncs with my android collection, I'll happily switch to safari if that allows me to download videos instead

    Does anyone have any tips? Thanks! How to download videos from the browser to my iPad mini?-imageuploadedbytapatalk1412524244.700460.jpg

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    10-05-2014 11:52 AM
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    You will need something similar to Documents by Readdle installed on your device.

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    10-06-2014 11:37 AM

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