1. Stephen Tiano's Avatar
    About three months ago, carrying bags of groceries and my iPad 3, I accidentally dropped the iPad 3 in my driveway. The screen has some cracks and I can see a tiny hole in one corner. But it cotinued to work flawlessly.

    I had the free version of Hotspot Shield running on it for when I was on unprotected, public WiFi. It always prompted me to install a new profile when I went from unprotected WIFi away from home to my secure network at home, and vice versa. Recently, however, that whole process seemed to take longer, so I had the bright idea of deleting the Hotspot Shield app and reinstalling it from scratch.

    What a nightmare that began! The VPN feature in settings constantly searches and every app, from the App Store to Email to Weather Channel to Trivia Crack gives me a "no Internet connection" message.

    Oddly, when I go to the Facebook app it's as if Newsfeed items somehow break their way into the iPad, as I see new Newsfeed items but any links in them don't work and pictures don't appear.

    Is it time to throw the damn thing out and get a new one? Can I somehow get control of the VPN spinning and spinning. and will that help?
    02-01-2015 06:57 AM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    I'd get it fixed or replace it.
    02-01-2015 12:32 PM

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